Hoax: Yale Artist Uses Induced Miscarriages as Art

Update: Yup – as expected – this is a hoax. But she says she’s not doing it for shock value: Yale art major Aliza Shvarts has repeatedly inseminated her self and then used abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. She is displaying the results in video and preserved blood. … The display of Schvarts’ project will […]

Research at Penn State: Are artists born or taught?

Artists are both born and taught, says Nancy Locke, associate professor of art history at Penn State. “There is no question in my mind that artists are born,” says Locke. Many artists arrive in the world brimming with passion and natural creativity and become artists after trying other vocations.” Artists are also made, she says. […]

Book Banned Over Use of the Word ‘Scrotum’

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stupider: …”The Higher Power of Lucky,” by Susan Patron, this year’s winner of the Newbery Medal, the most prestigious award in children’s literature. The book’s heroine, a scrappy 10-year-old orphan named Lucky Trimble, hears the word through a hole in a wall when another character says he […]

Judy Garland’s Scary Little Christmas

I’m no friend of Dorothy or brother of Judy or whatever the hell – I see Judy Garland more as a pill-popping charwoman than someone whose complete emotional and substance-drenched breakdown needs to be iconified, codified and membranced. But you know me: I have little pity for addicts. Sure she was talented – but isn’t […]