Category: 6. Controlled Mass Media

  • Regime Change is Not Revolution

    “Plutocracy’s an easier sell when people can aspire to step over their neighbor’s corpse to join it instead of that ‘we’re all in this together’ bullshit.”

  • The American Death Star

    “When you laugh at Michele Bachmann for going on MSNBC and blurting out that the moon is made of red communist cheese, these people don’t learn that she is wrong. What they learn is that you’re a dick, that they hate you more than ever, and that they’re even more determined now to support anyone […]

  • At a Guess

    “At a guess, it will make a subset of random minutiae of everyday life more like Facebook while we continue to change the climate, burn up all our energy without developing any sort of sustainable replacement, turn dwindling supplies of rare earth metals into bullshit lifestyle gadgets that basically serve only to functionally make people […]

  • How Roger Ailes Failed at Setting Up a Strong Republican Candidate for 2012

    ‘”[Fox News’s Roger] Ailes is the most successful executive in television by a wide margin, and he has been so for more than a decade. He is also, in a sense, the head of the Republican Party, having employed five prospective presidential candidates and done perhaps more than anyone to alter the balance of power […]

  • Shitstain Limbaugh

    “One of the standard conservative talking points from Limbaugh I’ve seen bubble up online has been that Obama tried taking too much credit for the strike, as evidenced by his alleged overuse of personal pronouns in the announcement (direct quote: For the record, ladies and gentlemen, in his brief announcement last night President Obama used […]

  • Christmas for White House Correspondents

    “At the same time, I find it so strange. The jokes that are funny are the ones that are true. And this joke about Fox News — same as other jokes about Fox News from previous correspondent’s dinners — are all about its extreme bias, horrible reporting, and so on. And everyone laughs at them. […]

  • How the Public Relations Industry Created 'Humanitarian Intervention'

    From Adam Curtis: The idea of humanitarian intervention begins in 1968 with the Biafran war. It is a fascinating moment because it is where the framework – the filter through which we now perceive all humanitarian tragedies – was first constructed. The Eastern part of Nigeria had declared independence and called their new state Biafra. In […]

  • Another Class War Diagram

        tlG0Y.jpg (612×1457).

  • Republican Cheat Sheet

        NnXJZ.png (801×851).

  • WI Protesters Chant 'Fox Lies!' on Fox Financial News

    YouTube – FOX LIES! FOX LIES! FOX LIES! FOX LIES! FOX LIES! Wisconsin Protester.