Cage Match: Coretta Scott King vs. Princess Di

Andy: okay – Ron and I are arguing if Coretta could take down Princess Di. HELL YEAH she could. she’d show whitey McBrit where it’s at.

Lisa: hell yeah she could. I’d put my money on Coretta any day. sorry Ron. 🙂 then again…….to be fair…….you never know. Princess Di may have been more tough than she looked

Andy: yeah but she didn’t move into the south side of Chicago to reach out to the poor.

Lisa: very true. so you just never know……….although I’m inclined to agree that Coretta could take Di. hehehe.

Andy: and Maya Angelou drives the getaway car: “GIRL GIT IN THE CAR! CORRETTA!”

Lisa: LOL. oh what a visual

Andy: and Mother Theresa runs up to Di “WTF did they do to you? I’m gonna throw down Calcutta on you BEEYOTCHES.”

Lisa: hehehehe

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  1. Thanks a lot, Andy. Now, any idea how I can get the image of Foxy Brown vs. Emma Peel out of my head? And then there’s Jane Byrne vs. Dorothy Tillman…good grief.

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