Bush’s 100 Mistakes

Remember when Bush said he couldn’t think of any mistakes he’s ever made? The Center for American Progress has a list for you to choose from.

100 Mistakes for the President to Choose From

Pre-emptive comment: yes, conservative commenters – Clinton made a lot of mistakes. Why are we always picking on poor George? Because he’s in charge. Or at least looks like it.

Side note: whoever in Chicago is plastering newspaper boxes with flyers has my vote – I especially like: Pre-emptive war means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  1. Rebel Prince

    A series of actionable mistakes

    At President Bush’s press conference last month, when he was asked to single out what he thought was his biggest mistake, I honestly pictured him saying, “Well, there’ve been so many mistakes, I don’t know where start.” The Center for…

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