Bush Meets Mom

Finally got around to listening to Democracy Now!’s coverage of the speech this week. Amy talks to Cindy Sheehan, a mother whose son was killed in Iraq. She details her meeting with the President:

I met a man who had no compassion in him. He had no heart. We tried to show him pictures of Casey. He wouldn’t look at them. He wouldn’t even acknowledge Casey’s name. He acted like we were at a tea party, like it was something fun, that we should just be so pleased that we got to meet with the President who killed our son. The first thing, he came up to me, and he goes, "Mom, I can’t imagine your loss. I can’t imagine losing a loved one, you know, whether it be a mother, a father, a sister or brother." And I stopped him, and I said, "You have two children. Try to imagine them being killed in a war. How would that make you feel? Trust me, you don’t want to go there.” And you know what he told me? He goes, “You’re right, I don’t." And so I said, "Well, thank you for putting me there."

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  1. Wow… it kind of reminds me of the mom in “Fahrenheit 9/11” and was pro-military in the beginning.. but then one of her sons got killed in action and it totally changed her perspective… she became extremely irate with the government and completely anti-military. I think that if the President and the rest of Congress were forced to put their children in the military and send them off to war… our wars wouldn’t last very long. It’d be all about a quick strike and come home..

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