Bush Interviewed on Irish Television

Great extended interview (RealMedia) – runs over 11 minutes.

Reaction here, here, here and here. Also here which includes a quote that the journalist had submitter her questions three days in advance to the White House.

Update: They’ve canceled Laura Bush’s interview with Irish media. Some gloating over at WaPo.

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7 replies on “Bush Interviewed on Irish Television

  1. I saw the interview. From my perspective, the reporter did indeed ask some hard questions, and Bush just plain didn’t offer much in the way of answers. He talked a good deal, and offered a number of platitudes that many Americans mystifyingly accept as answers. But he came off looking like an addlepated jerk.

  2. I was appalled when he said “i have a vision. i’m going to lead to that vision and let the chips fall where they may” — this leads me to the assumption that he truly does not care where the chips fall as long as he thinks he keep to his own personal view of things. a true fuck them all attitude. which, to me, is a dangerous attitude for a world leader.

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s obviously near his breaking point and I hope he snaps. And poor lil’ old Laura, couldn’t argue her way out of a wet paper bag much less answer some simple questions, so they cancelled the interview. “This interview is too hard, let’s go read books to some negro children instead!”

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