Bush Approval Ratings Hit All Time Low

Remember, friends, Nixon was at 27% during Watergate:

Gallup: Bush Approval at 39% 

CBS: Bush Approval at 34%

Zogby: Bush Approval at 40%

No more mandate. The Project for the New American Centruy is derailing. What will they do? Can John McCain be the new charisma for 2008 – after Rove destroyed him in 2004?

You Might Be a Liberal If: You unknowingly re-rent Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire and watch most of it before realizing you’ve already seen it – after of course searching your blog to see if you’ve reviewed it before.

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  1. Sadly I thin DL Hughley said it best on Real Time With Bill Maher… No matter how low Bush’s approval ratings get, he will stay the course he is on. He said that since Bush believes he is doing God’s will that history will find he was a great president.

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