Building A(nother) Mystery

I’m feeling sorta tapped out tonight – I was out alot all weekend so I’m starting to feel socially spent. So to carry me through to the other side I just put in Sarah McLachlan’s Mirrorball.

Do you find that you gravitate towards music that reinforces your current mood or tries to escape from it? I find the former.

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3 replies on “Building A(nother) Mystery

  1. It depends. Sometimes I use it to lift me out of a particular mood, and sometimes I use it to reinforce a particular mood. Which I choose depends on any number of things.

  2. Either. Music helps me escape or dwell on it more. Call me weird, but I have my own “videos” (I think of a specific scenario whenever I hear a specific song). Not all songs, just songs that I feel strongly about. Which inevitably helps me ‘reinforce the mood’ or ‘escape from it’.

  3. Hey handsome, sorry I’ve been away for so long. Anyway, yeah I find that whatever music I’m listening to at the time really does reflect my current mood. Hmm maybe that’s why I like Broadway shit so much… cause it’s like one of the genres of music that blatantly reveals emotion.. hmmm… hell that could be a university study ;).

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