I must say that I am pretty stoked for tomorrow’s show on Fox Bridezillas. I have seen the most sensible of women-friends turn into stark-raving lunatics as their nuptials draw near. The incredibly delusion of entitlement that many girls have is just stunning. Carey (a psychotherapist) has been organizing her daughter Beth’s wedding and says that she’d rather organize a party for schizophrenics.

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  1. i am looking for a photo of the dress Karen wore on Bridezillas and have yet to of had any luck. If anyone has a site to suggest i would be very thankful.

    I could not believe it when I was searching the net the Karen’s dress and came across your search message!

    I have had no luck either, the new york metro site has a picture of her but she is not wearing the dress that I seen her get married in?

    Please, should you find it then let me know and I will vice versa.

    Many Thanks

  2. I cannot locate any stores in the New York Area that carry these dresses. Does anyone know where I can find them other than the internet. I love them! Thank you, Tammy T

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