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Jocko linked this review of Bravo TV’s new show Workout. Ron and I watched the first episode but it seemed pretty boring and almost repellent. Beautiful whiny people whining about wanting to be more beautiful. There’s the annoying girl, the bitchy girl, the meathead, the other meathead the gay meathead, the super-aggressive lesbian boss and her girlfriend. There’s nobody to sympathize with. It’s too bad because it is kind of a landmark having a main player an out lesbian woman. Maybe it’ll improve. I just find it dull.

Wasn’t there a show on HBO when we were kids. It was just women in leotards exercising – atop a rotating dais? Am I imagining that?

That and I remember endless reruns of Looker. OMG I didn’t know it was written and directed by Michael Crichton!

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  1. couldnt disagree more… loved the show… beginning to end.. accurate portrayal of lesbian relationships

  2. This show is off the chains!! I watch all of the reruns and I hope they bring it back for a second season!! They have to. I mean who wants to watch that stupid million dollar homes show. We got MTV Cribs that good enough:)

    Bring JW Back she is cooler than a fan!!! Jackie ROCKS!!!!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this show! Jackie is hot, but more importantly she is realizing that although she has already accomplished what most people can only dream about- something is still missing. Jackie seems to yearn for a family of her own. I think Mimi is a wild chic (the biting & spankings were a real turn on) but there is a time and place for everything. At 26/27, whatever, you should realize when your behavior is inappropriate. I’ve noticed Jackie come out of her tough-business-chic persona several times during the show. I believe Jackie is sweet & innocent at heart and trying to live up to the measure of a strong, healthy, intelligent woman while falling into the lesbian stereotype (hince not appreciating the ‘you look handsome’ comment from Jesse while still seeking her mother’s approval. And by the way, the lesbian world really is a big, scary place if you’re not up for casual affairs or short-lived romances. Trust me on that one. Anyway, if Jackie was really interested in someone on her level, I don’t think she would keep wading in the kiddie pool (i.e. Racquel). Her interest in Racquel was purely physical and there is nothing wrong w/ that, but its like a dog chasing its tail. Jackie seemed put off by a woman in her same league (the 1st date surfer chic). I don’t think Jackie is sure which she prefers more- the energy, drama, and sexual vigor of young girls or the ultimately challenging, interesting, allure of a ‘really got her shit together-and-is-still-sexy-but won’t-give in-to-Jackie’s-shit-either’ mama like the billionare’s wife. To me, Jackie’s mom is great! She reminds me of my own mother. She won’t change her belief but loves and supports her daughter at her own pace. Have hope Jack! I think mom’s going to be fine (and she’s right about Mimi sabotaging you so she can keep you selfishly to herself). By the way, I’m very athletic and had fallen off my regime until this show came along. My abs aren’t as ripped as yours but I’ve got your number kitten…. 🙂 I wish you health and happiness. (p.s. please show more gym time. the drama is great to keep us coming back for more but be certain to grab all the business publicity you can…I love the LIFT logo. Its not just weightlifting…LIFT your self-esteem…LIFT your position in the world…LIFT others (especially other women) to be everything within their power to be!)

  4. I saw a few shows and really enjoyed them. I love the fact that a woman has her won gym and is in charge of her life, well kinda. Hope this show continues to run and i’d love to have Jackie train me.

  5. Bravo, PLEASE bring it back for another season. Please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Loved it, LOVED it. Everyone wants to watch and see how things unfold. Olease don’t leave us in the dark………………..Leroy,,,Perry, Fl.

  6. I think that is show is amazing and all the people out there who say its stupid are just hating on jackie because shes a hott power lesbian who actually made something of herself.

  7. Love he show WITHOUT MiMi.
    You can not be serious about her!
    She is so mean spirited and nasty
    you don’t need her, you deserve much better. GET RID OF HER onece an dfor all!

  8. I can’t imagine how everyone on the show, and in America, feels about Dougs passing.
    This man was a true, true friend to Jackie, and I know he will be dearly missed.
    God Bless Doug

  9. THis show does the same thing the L-word did only the L-word series did it first and better. Do you people think that forums would be abuzz about this show if the main character weren’t white and a lesbian? The show doesn’t really deal with training regimens and other such minutiae, its more about Donald Trump shoved into an athletic woman’s body with killer abs who happens to be a lesbian.

  10. holy cow!!!!
    I’m gonna miss doug so much. He was such a great guy to all of them… I still can’t believe he died.

    God bless him

  11. New season–
    Jackie is your classic narcissistic pain in the ass. She’s setting herself up for a sexual harassment lawsuit from Rebecca. How incredibly unprofessional. Fun, though.

  12. I can’t believe Doug passed away. He was one of the few genuine people on the show. —- I like the show (for the most part), it is much better without Mimi. This whole story line with Jackie dating Rebecca is ridiculous, you can tell she doesn’t even like her — and who could. Rebecca is obnoxious, stupid and annoying. I don’t think for a second that someone who was truly a “power” lesbian could go for that – what, we are supposed to believe, that Jackie and Rebecca suddenly got the hots for one another…please, it is all part of the show and there is no chemistry. And for Rebecca to compare sex with women and men to french fries and steak, respectively, hasn’t gotten laid properly by a women. It would be more like sex with women is like a fine glass of red wine and with men, a hot, stale beer. And if Jackie does truly care for the other girl she is dating now (which they have chemistry), Jackie wouldn’t be dating Rebecca (and hiding it). Rebecca needs to remember how she was treated when her girlfriend showed up at dinner – Jackie dropped her so fast and acted like she didn’t exist, that would be unforgivable and it was classless. Pathetic. I’d throw a glass of water in her face too! Pet or not, he is right, she is a slut. But it is all for the sake of the show. Doug will be missed, he brought a nice twist of humanity and forgiveness to the show and it was very obvious that he and his ex-partner still loved one another. I hope this ex-partner is doing ok.

  13. I l-o-v-e “WorkOut”. Yes, it’s beautiful people whining. And sexual tension. And JACKIE(!!!)
    And, you were hoping for?????

  14. I used to enjoy the show till I saw the power trip Ms. Warner is on when she fired Mr. Peeler. Ms. Warner’s lack of professionalism motivated me to write bravo the following message:

    “I absolutely cannot believe the disrespect displayed by Ms. Warner in the episode in which she fired Brian Peeler. Mr. Peeler confronted Ms. Warner about laughing at a client that had survived cancer and she did not sympathize in the least, additionally she did not allow Mr. Peeler to deal with the frustration and hurt caused by her lack of professionalism. I am absolutely disgusted with Ms. Warner for not owning up to her mistake and realizing this situation was not about her and/or her control issues. I watch many Bravo shows but after this episode I can no longer watch your channel until that show is off the air.”

    Hopefully it will cause them to reel her in a little…at the very least.

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