Bitter Googlism

In regards to the recent renaming of Comiskey Park to now U.S. Cellular Park (for a cool $57 million), I looked up ‘baseball nobody gives a fuck‘ in Google and stumbled on this great page:

8 Simple Rules To Make Me Want to Axe you in the Fucking Neck

These Mountain Dew commercials. Forgot My Dew. Oh quit your fucking bitching. Nobody gives a fuck. I’m going to give you a massive headwound with a fucking hammer if you don’t shut the fuck up and then go drown yourself. This dipshit, driving in his cockgobble car, and flips to get his drink, then drinks it while upside down. For one, this amateur dipshit can’t even get the fucking drink in his mouth. What a fucking dumbfuck.

And I think I’m a trashmouth.

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  1. I wrote this. It was a piece on the duality of man. And naturally by that I mean I am the Alpha and the Omega.

    awesome !

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