Back Home Again in Indiana

(written on Monday)

Brigitte and I had a fun drive in from Chicago.

Her black cat Logan sat in the back in his carrier (it was open so he could have roamed in the backseat if he wanted, plus Brigitte even had a mini litter box set up for him if the mood struck). The car was usually very warm or very dry and I started to nod off a bit and had to throttle myself a bit to stay awake. The drive from Chicago to Indianapolis is flat and straight, very soothing. Once we got to Indy the drive to Louisville was much more featureful.

Ron and I went to Caged Dames on Friday night and it was a much better crowd for a Friday night than when my sister and I saw it the Sunday matinee before. We laughed a lot and really enjoyed Brigitte’s performance. I do miss all of us in the acting studio together.

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