Atom2RSS v0.1

I started wondering if there was some way to convert an Atom newsfeed into RSS on the fly. I really like my FeedReader aggregator and Newsmonster seems to always reboot my machine (actually it’s probably the Java). So between calls today I hacked together atom2rss.php. v0.1 super-alpha! It’s GPL, baby!

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  1. perhaps i ned to get more sleep before having a look at this, since i’m missing something and it’s probably the most obvious… what exactly is one supposed to do? i know the atom url of my blog and the feed is enabled. but how do i convert it/get its rss counterpart? i did download your zip file and extracted its contents… and now i need to… 🙂 would you lend a hand, please? THANK YOU! j

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve downloaded your script and had to make some little changes to make it work:

    in atom2rss.php
    lines 77 to 82:
    $atom_title = $item[‘title’];
    $atom_url = $item[‘link’];
    $atom_author = $item[‘author_name’];
    $atom_content = $item[‘atom_content’];
    $atom_published = $item[‘created’];

    (note the quotes).

    line 86:
    it should be:
    $atom_title = strip_tags($atom_title);

    (instead of $item_title)

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