Athletic Apparel for Short Guys

Okay fellow short men – where do you get your workout clothes?

Every time I go to SportMart, even the small shorts are way too long. Long shorts only make you look shorter. Same with tank tops and shirts. Then when I go to Amazon and marvel at their huge selection of multiple brands – I see that usually it’s all stuff in L and XL and up.

This is beyond the usual ‘Sucks to Be Short’ Sale where you go and by the time you get to Banana Republic your competitors have already ravaged the racks.

A AskMeFi topic mentioned Medalist for gym clothes made in the USA (though their stuff is mostly microfiber). Along with the usual American Apparel.

Yes, Undergear and Int’l Male are out of the question.

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5 replies on “Athletic Apparel for Short Guys

  1. In all seriousness (and not knowing how short you are), there’s always the young men/boys’ sections. I remember reading somewhere that a boys’ large is equivalent to a men’s medium – not to mention, it’s all supposed to be rather inexpensive in comparison.

    And no one will know you’re wearing boys’ clothing as long as you stay away from the Spongebob collection.

  2. I’m 5’4” so 5’8” is downright tall to me. I, admittedly, shop enthusiastically at Gap Kids. The large fits me there. The only trouble I’ve had is the shock…then envy when I have to explain why my blue jeans say size 14.

  3. On the (soon to be resumed) occasions I go to the gym: Nike cross-trainers (white), Lacoste shorts (very old –meant to be white but have gone a sort of grubby grey colour), baggy Fred Perry shirt (navy blue, collar always turned up) or sometimes an old (2000) Spurs shirt (collar not turned up).

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