Ann Coulter: Femme-bot

Chrisafer points to this great rant on everybody’s favorite right-wing fluffergirl:

I would give my eye teeth – eat my hair – live a life of celibacy – just to watch that bitch go down in a scandal of flames. She is an embarrassment to thinking women everywhere. How DARE she RANT about ‘feminists’. She’d be barefoot, knocked-up, and cleaning a toilet if it wasn’t for Liberal women of the previous generation. If I bumped into her on the street – you’d see me on the evening news – pulling the hair out of her head and slamming her horse face into a fire hydrant…

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3 replies on “Ann Coulter: Femme-bot

  1. I proudly look at my “Ann Coulter Youth” magnet every time I open the refrigerator. She kills my appetite EVERY time.

  2. All three of you are morons. The best you can do is “slamming her horse face into a fire hydrant? Sophmoric, moronic, and shows the true color of a liberal, yellow. Let’s beat up on the intellectual conservative because we couldn’t get out of high school without cheating.

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