Andy Wins a Bloggie (Just Not This Andy)

Congrats to Andy over a Towleroad for winning ‘Best Personality.’

Also congrats to Ethan, Fausto and Marc, and Jocko as well as the rest of the winners. And of course to Queerclick for sponsoring the awards.

On perusal of winner and nominees, it looks like I need to spruce up my blog with more torsos and gossip.

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4 replies on “Andy Wins a Bloggie (Just Not This Andy)

  1. Andy, you just need to send massive e-mails out begging people to vote for you, and yes, nice graphics with idiotic content helps too.

  2. There was one that was nominated and all it had was videos that they thought was cool. I know this isn’t the Nobel awards, but come on now! “Look ma, I can embed like a pro!”

  3. Andy, I voted for ya. Please DON’T bring skin to your websites. Obviously there are a plenitude of shallow websites that relate to only celebrities and OCD’s. You are really the only gay blog that I am still subscribed to because I am bored of seeing naked bodies.

  4. What exactly are you congratulating Ethan for?.. haven’t you seen/read his blog?

    Leave the skin on your Flickr account (more Jews and more yous, plz!).

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