Amy Goodman on Hardball Tonight

My girl, Amy Goodman is on Hardball with Chris Matthews at 7 PM tonight, Friday, Nov. 19.



Update: She wasn’t on. And to think I watched an entire terrible episode of Hardball. YUCK.

4 thoughts on “Amy Goodman on Hardball Tonight

  1. Joanne Payne

    I couldn’t believe. I was thrilled to see Ms Goodman on the Chris Matthews show. It was terrific, and I hope she becomes a regular.

  2. Karen

    I’m with Joanne Payne: I’m a regular Matthews watcher, and was impressed that a) he didn’t interrupt her, b) the “counterpoint” guest from the S.F. Chronicle was weak & inarticulate, c) he complimented her critical capacity at the end–“I like hard-hitting criticism” or something like that, and d) Amy smiled with seeming surprise.

    Too bad he had her on the night before Thanksgiving when hardly anyone was watching…maybe it seemed like a safe “trial”, plus, other regulars might not have been available. Thomas Frank was also on, and it’d be great for him to have Amy & Frank on at the same time.

    I’ll hold some hope.

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