Americans Traveling Abroad Pose as Canadians

An American T-shirt company has a solution for their fellow citizens who want to vacation in Europe without having to answer questions about U.S. politics – pose as Canadians. For $24.95, offers the “Go Canadian” package, full of just the kind of things an American traveler needs to leave their country and its politics behind.

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  1. When I was an undergraduate there were two roomates on my floor who had vacationed together in Europe the previous summer…One from Michigan, one from Ontario. Both had patches of their country’s flag on their backpack. The Canadian routinely got asked to stay at someone’s house for the night for free, in front of the American who was not invited. And this was in 92.

    I tell people I’m from Windsor when I travel.

  2. Warning to all Americans. If you are discovered by a Canadain or European that you are impersonating as a Canadian you will be shuned in a very discrasfuly way. Europeaners are getting smarter by asking for Canadian ID and asking more suficated questions about Canada.

  3. Peter Graham – We are Canadians, and like many Canadians, we have relatives who became US citizens. Our neighbours to the south, especially from Quebec, populated much of New England.

    Many of these gay and lesbian “poseurs” are themselves children and grandchildren of Canadians who immigrated to the USA.

    Our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters, and our straight liberal brothers and sisters are in trouble in their country. Many of today’s Canadian citizens are first generation…and some of them were Vietnam-era protestors who made a new life in Canada. Several of our MP’s in Ottawa were born in the USA….check out the biographies on the site.

    CBC news had a poll on Canadian trivial history and so did CTV . We are nearly 60 , so we knew all the answers. Both sites stated that the average Canadian was answering the test at 100% by only 12%. So much for a sophisticated questioning of our nation’s history.

    Just our two cents……..each

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