Am I a Felon or Not?

As Florida gears up for another clusterfuck repeat of the 2000 debacle – People for the American Way (that name makes me just ache with patriotism) has published the list of possible felons purged from the Florida rolls. At least here in Chicago they run elections the old fashioned way – by buying them. Glad to know I’m not a felon. Whew! (via Kos)

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  1. Andy, I don’t know what the agenda is on that site, however the good news is quite a few ex-felons have regained their franchise recently in Florida. Unfortunately, I believe it was through lawsuits by the ACLU, as the State was not willing to step up without being sued. Florida needs a law that automatically restores the voting right. That is simple decency, and most states have that on the books.

  2. Are there privacy issues involved in publishing a list of felons?
    (But of course the voyeur in me wishes that they also published what all those people did)

  3. Good news: Florida Opts not to Revoke Ex-Felons

    A detail I had never picked up in all the discussion is that in Florida you have to go through an actual application process to get your voting rights re-instated. New York had a lawsuit a while ago that dismissed this kind of hurdle and made the restoration automatic.

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