Alberto Gonzales Wasn’t Under Oath

Gonzales wasn’t under oath. That’s all you need to know about today’s hearings about President Bush’s ability to do whatever the hell he wants with no oversight, no waiting and no approval from Congress.

There is no reason anyone shouldn’t not be under oath when testifying before Congress.

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5 replies on “Alberto Gonzales Wasn’t Under Oath

  1. When, oh when, will things like this matter to the tipping point?

    I think of the factory workers in “Bubble” and their cognats in my hometown of Niagara Falls…

    Whe, oh when, will it matter???

  2. Guys what the fuck does this black helicopter shit matter anyway, He was’nt under oath…..Who really cares. The first post is right until the democrats stop acting like a bunch of stupid idealess assholes what will it matter in the scheme of things. The whole I hate bush thing has gone to far. He is out in three and then what. We will still be stuck in the year 2000 recounting the ballots and calling that dipshit Al Gore to give him updates.

    Lets concentrato on winning a couple. Fire Howarad fucking Dean, disband the I hate america retoric we are being slandered with and try to help america.

  3. I care that he’s not under oath. I care that the oil executives weren’t under oath. I care that the President was not under oath when he spoke to the 9/11 Commission – and that he had Cheney coaching him. I care that for all the talk about truth and justice there is fairly little.

    I think the democratic party is a black hole of charisma.

    I don’t hate America. Just fundy Christian, neo-imperialist, chickenhawk, silver-spoon sucking, Rand-loving motherfuckers who think that the federal budget is there to pillage and plow.

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