I had a dream that I was in a classroom. Aside from all that stuff what was strange is I dreamt about the song Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. You remember it:

And I promise you
I will treat you well
My sweet angel
So help me Jesus

What I always thought was weird about that song is it is written in 7/4. Sort of like ‘The Becoming’ on NIN’s The Downward Spiral that goes between 5/4, 6/4 and I think eventually waltz time with 3/4. What was strange is I’m in my dream actually debating the time signature of the song and counting it out myself – and wondering if any one has ever done a club song in 7/4 just to see if all the tweaking ravers could figure out why that eight beat never seemed to show up.

I’m no major rock aficianado – who else uses weird time signatures (my guess Freddy Mercury since he’s such a genius anyway)?

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