50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

1. Kenneth Blackwell

Crimes: The greasy, rancid piece of crap who delivered Ohio for Bush by any means necessary, and then bragged about it in a recent fundraising letter. A black man who has no reservations about screwing over his own people in his lust for power and money. Blackwell is the kind of soulless traitor without whose complicity no nefarious evil plot ever goes down. In step with the future of global elections.

Smoking Gun: Phony recounts, media lockouts, intentional misallocation of voting machines, you name it.

Just Punishment: Dissolved in barrel of acid.

The full list of the fifty most loathsome Americans in 2004.

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4 replies on “50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004

  1. I love these lies! Its just like the lies I put in to my “movie” so that I could make a mint off the stupid libs! I love that the libs believe the democrats are the party for minorities. They have held the minorities down for so long, they depend on us to stay poverty ridden so we will buy into their lies about pulling us up. The Bush tax cuts were targeted more so at the lower class than the upper class. Read the facts, not the lies presented here! Out.

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