5 Days to Submit Comments on RealID National Identity Card System

From Reddit;

The draft regulations to implement the REAL ID Act are open for comment until 5 p.m. EST on May 8, 2007. To take action and submit comments against the fundamentally flawed national identification scheme, under Docket No. 2006-0030-0001. Online: Through the public submission portal at: http://www.regulations.gov

The new requirements dictate state collection of personal data and documents without setting adequate security standards for the card, state motor vehicle facilities, or state motor vehicle databases. The government will create a national identification database by linking the databases of all 50 states and the data of 245 million state license and identification cardholders. REAL ID also increases the risk of counterfeiting and identity theft by creating one unifying ID card (with one design) to forge and one database full of sensitive personal information, with many entry points across the nation, to attack. DHS also divert funds needed for other state homeland security projects, such as equipment for rescue and first responder personnel by regulating that 20% of a state’s Homeland Security Grant Program money can be spent on REAL ID implementation.

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  1. Blimey, we really are Little America these days…only we’re less polite and a lot more selfish.

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