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A Mother’s Regret

From /r/askreddit:

“I didn’t want to post, but after having a couple glasses of wine I will. I agree with you, I wish I would could take back the decision to have our little girl. She has down syndrome and the first 5 years everyone supported us, family and friends, we were so courageous. Then it started going down hill, the amount of care insane and when no one wants to help it gets worse. We felt like a burden to everyone and pretty soon we weren’t invited to parties or over to see family. Just the major holidays, and it starts taking a toll. I had to quit my job to take care of our daughter, my husband has two jobs, I never see him anymore, we are rarely intimate, I gained a lot of weight, my life is ruined. I cry a lot when I’m home alone with her, and I started drinking to numb the pain. My husband hasnt said it, but I know he want to leave, the love is gone. I recently found out he was cheating on me with another woman, but I can’t get a divorce because I can’t support my little girl in my own.

“If I had one thing to say to any other woman out there, unless you’re rich, it’s better to abort the pregnancy if you know.

“I had a friend who found out she was going to have a down syndrome kid, I told her not to do it, and I drove her to get the abortion. That day was so emotional because I had to bring my daughter along. She didn’t tell the husband, and we made up a story that she had a miscarriage. A year or so later they had a beautiful healthy baby boy.

“I can’t write anymore, I’m crying so much…I wish I never had her…and I hope one day I wake up to find she died in her sleep. Sometimes I even think of letting go of her hand so she can run into oncoming traffic. I would never do it, but this is real, it’s not fun, and it will ruin your life.

“When people ask me how things are going, I always lie, always. Everything is great, we are doing so good, she is a blessing.”


Photo from Leave It to Beaver.

What Russia Gains from a Destabilized West

Thread from /r/worldnews:

“It’s as you already know pretty complicated as to why he’s doing this apart from you know just for the kicks. But let me try to put down three reasons that to my mind drives their agenda.

  1. Food.
  2. Oil.
  3. Trade.

“Food : Global population is topping off and a food crisis is looming and approaching fast. Russia has the most land resource compared to any other country in the world. And global warming means more and more uncultivable tundra land will be freed up and made available for farming. Allowing Russia to become the top food supplier to the world. This will give it unassailable power in any global stage.

  1. Oil : As the middle-east dries up the world will turn to the Arctic deposits for its fuel needs. Rosneft has the capability in most cases to drill through the depths of ice to get to the good stuff. But drilling through ice is expensive and raises the cost per barrel for the company. Guess what would help the bottomline? You got it, Global Warming. Becoming the primary crude supplier to the world has its benefits.
  2. Trade : Shipping routes the world over are concentrated around the equator. Most of the freight travels from China and surrounding Asian countries to North America and Europe. But once the ice caps loosen up due to Global Warming, it opens up the Polar shipping route, the shortest distance between the suppliers and the buyers. And Russian ports on the pole will become the loading hub for the millions of tons of cargo that gets shipped from Asia to the West every day. How about that petty cash?

“So, it all boils down to this. Russia has too much to gain from Global Warming to just sit back and let the West and the rest of the world take steps to slow it down. Every election it meddles in, every referendum it influences is driven by the need to destabilize the west. An unstable west will start working on their internal issues and stop working on wider issues like global climate change. Which means that the Western global leadership can no longer execute the plans to control climate change through consensus and global alliances.”

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Photo from WaPo.