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Globalization Isn’t the Problem.

“Curious that the burden falls on the American working class to lift poor Chinese out of poverty by giving up their jobs while the American 1% gets richer from globalization. That is class warfare in its essence.

The American working class voted in the people who oversaw the wholesale gutting of the labor union while presiding over stagnant wages. The deal was that manufacturing would head out and we’d all transition to service economies. This has been possible and the transition has been successful in multiple western economies.

Globalization isn’t the problem. It’s the businesses owners capitalizing on market instability to slash wages. There was no way to stop globalization. There was a way to make sure people can live a comfortable and dignified life throughout the transition. The Republican governments did NOTHING to ameliorate the situation. Now we blame something that was inevitable instead of the crooks that looted the country over the past four decades.” Metafilter

Image is George Cruikshank’s “The British Bee Hive” painting¬†depicting the society in the way Adam Smith saw it.


“Way back when, Colbert famously said that “reality has a liberal bias.”

“Which was cute, and funny, and true.

“What nobody was expecting was for a huge chunk of the population to metaphorically say “oh, if reality has a liberal bias, then fuck reality.”

“There’s is, as far as I can tell, not only a “post-truth” feeling to Trump and his followers, but an avid dislike of truth.

“If they don’t believe that the media tells the truth, and they don’t believe in science, and they only believe in their own prejudices, fake Facebook news and email forwards, what hope is there?

How can you recover a democracy when almost half of the electorate have proudly declared that they don’t have even the slightest regard for facts and logic?

“It freaks me out to the point of shutdown. This isn’t an American thing, it freaks me out up here as well. “Focus on school boards, try to fix things so kids develop some logic and fact-checking skills, and hang on and pray that we can survive another generation” is not a strategy that really sits well.”

Source: “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president” | MetaFilter

President Pence in 2018

“Seriously, Trump will be impeached within 2 years. His is the kind of presidency that can only happen as a “Change” candidate, which means he is useless to the right in 4 or even 2 years, as it becomes clear to his “movement” how full of shit his populist rhetoric was.

“Now that he has swept in the far right conservatives and handed them everything they’ve ever wanted, they will turn on him as soon after the inauguration and confirmation hearings as possible, digging up (or manufacturing) some kind of massive legal or ethics violation excuse (I’m guessing they already have all the evidence they’d really need stashed away somewhere, because come on: “I’m hearing” such evidence exists).

“And then they will be able to push him out and replace him with their own guy, all while grandstanding about how responsible they’re all being for holding “their” president accountable (it’s how they’ll be able to distance themselves from the fact that they were the ones who put him there in the first place). Make no mistake about it – this is a Pence presidency we’re talking about here. They all hate him, and they are not just holding their noses for power and profit. They are also counting the hours to sweet revenge. Once they have consolidated their power, the far right will gut Donald Trump like an oversized carp and flush the entrails directly into the public water supply (all sewage filtration and treatment plants having been shut down as emblematic of government overregulation).”

Source: “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president” | MetaFilter