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Removing Arizona’s Undocumented Workers Would Shrink the Economy $48.8 Billion

Report finds that deporting Arizona’s illegal workers would result in:

  • Decrease total employment by 17.2 percent
  • Eliminate 581,000 jobs for immigrant and native-born workers alike
  • Shrink state economy by $48.8 billion
  • Reduce state tax revenues by 10.1 percent

If they offered them a path to legalization?

  • Increase total employment by 7.7 percent
  • Add 261,000 jobs for immigrant and native-born workers alike
  • Increase labor income by $5.6 billion
  • Increase tax revenues by $1.68 billion

A Rising Tide or a Shrinking Pie

Some comments from Metafilter:

States’ Rights also includes the right to fuck yourself into bankruptcy and oblivion. I see no reason why we should get in their way.


A good chunk of the economic benefit that the US gets from “illegal immigrants” requires that they remain undocumented and illegal. If you can make the local population hate them or fear them, then you can pass laws to keep them out of schools, and then you can ensure that you always have a pliant and willing workforce. Plus, the harder you make it to get into the country, and the more dangerous you make it, the more frightened these workers remain, and the more willing they are to do whatever they are told. Brilliant, in a sick way, really.

From it’s inception America has benefited greatly from under and non paid labor. Indeed I would argue that our current model of capitalism depends and relies upon it.

Magic Blue Glitter

From Metafilter:

In 1971, a clinic in Brazil bought a radiation therapy machine. Fourteen years later, the practice closed and was abandoned. On September 13th, 1987, two men sold the inner canister of the machine for scrap. Upon breaking it open, a scrapyard employee found sparkling, glowing blue powder. It was distributed to family and friends, who used for decorative and magical purposes. Sixteen days later, 112,000 people were in Olympic stadium, being tested for radiation poisoning.

Don’t eat the magic blue glitter

How the Public Relations Industry Created ‘Humanitarian Intervention’

From Adam Curtis:

The idea of humanitarian intervention begins in 1968 with the Biafran war. It is a fascinating moment because it is where the framework – the filter through which we now perceive all humanitarian tragedies – was first constructed. The Eastern part of Nigeria had declared independence and called their new state Biafra. In response the Nigerian army attacked the rebel government. Things went very badly for the Biafrans, but no-one in the West cared. While the British government happily sold lots of arms to the Nigerians. But then the Biafran government found a very odd Public Relations firm in Geneva, called MarkPress who set out to change the way people in Europe saw the war…



March 28, 2011

Susie Bright's Journal : Are You On or Off the Float? –Vote for Susie for Parade Grand Marshall!

Our girl Susie Bright is in the running to be the Grand Marshall of this year's pride parade. Vote!

Susie Bright's Journal : Are You On or Off the Float? –Vote for Susie for Parade Grand Marshall!

I have a huge surprise: I've been nominated to be one of a handful of Parade Grand Marshalls in the San Francisco Pride March this year. YOW! I wanna win so bad. I promise- if I'm a parade marshall I will be so outrageous- and we will have so much…


March 22, 2011

MyCoke – CokeMusic

Adam Levine flexing those tats live on the Maroon 5: 24 Hour Session.

MyCoke – CokeMusic