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Obama Administration Refuses to Cooperate with Poland CIA Secret Prison Inquiry

DoJ won’t help:

U.S. government has refused assistance to Polish prosecutors investigating whether the CIA maintained a secret prison in Poland. The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights posted a letter from prosecutors on its website saying the U.S. Justice Department in October refused to provide legal assistance requested by Polish investigators by citing a bilateral agreement on the protection of state interests.

via AP Newswire

Why Germans Think We’re Insane

Via Alternet:

The European Union has a larger economy and more people than America does. Though it spends less — right around 9 percent of GNP on medical, whereas we in the U.S. spend close to between 15 to 16 percent of GNP on medical — the EU pretty much insures 100 percent of its population.┬áThe U.S. has 59 million people medically uninsured; 132 million without dental insurance; 60 million without paid sick leave; 40 million on food stamps. Everybody in the European Union has cradle-to-grave access to universal medical and a dental plan by law. The law also requires paid sick leave; paid annual leave; paid maternity leave. When you realize all of that, it becomes easy to understand why many Europeans think America has gone insane.

AlterNet: America in Decline: Why Germans Think We’re Insane.