Paul Krugman Blog

Krugman: "I've seen a peculiar meme surfacing here and there lately — the assertion that people like me are exaggerating how bad our current difficulties are- that things were actually worse in the 70s and 80s. … The truth is that this really is the big one. Catherine Rampell recently updated the recession comparison chart- […]

Washington Rules

Bacevich is back with a new book: Washington Rules The bestselling author of The Limits of Power critically examines the Washington consensus on national security and why it must change For the last half century- as administrations have come and gone- the fundamental assumptions about America's military policy have remained unchanged: American secu…


A band of merry geeks (led by Ginevra Kirkland) is off to set this Gulf thing right. You better get on board: iNola Our Gulf Coast was walloped by Katrina- and now BP's oil spill is throwing more devastation our way. We'll be sending a crew of merry tech geeks to go do the […]

Trojan Introduces 'No One's Pleasure' Condoms For Bitter- Resentful Couples

"No One's Pleasure condoms feature a quarter-inch-thick layer of non-lubricated latex with a unique abrasive texture that creates a variety of stinging sensations "for both him and her." The company statement goes on to explain that the product magnifies personal insecurities and awakens deep-seated- unresolved relationship issues that are "sure to raise passions and quicken […]

How to Write about Haiti

"You are struck by the 'resilience' of the Haitian people. They will survive no matter how poor they are. They are stoic- they rarely complain- and so they are admirable. The best poor person is one who suffers quietly. A two-sentence quote about their misery fitting neatly into your story is all that's needed." How […]