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Why is Political Violence Coming from the Right?

Comparing history of right and left political violence:

For decades now, the most serious threat of domestic terrorism has come from the growing ranks of paranoid, anti-government hate groups that draw their inspiration, vocabulary and anger from the far right. It is disingenuous for mainstream purveyors of incendiary far-right rhetoric to dismiss groups such as the Hutaree by saying that there are “crazies on both sides.” This simply is not true. There was a time when the far left was a spawning ground for political violence.

The article catalogs Patty Hearts, etc. and other acts from the left in the 1970s.

By contrast, there has been explosive growth among far-right, militia-type groups that identify themselves as white supremacists, “constitutionalists,” tax protesters and religious soldiers determined to kill people to uphold “Christian” values. Most of the groups that posed a real danger, as the Hutaree allegedly did, have been infiltrated and dismantled by authorities before they could do any damage.

via Eugene Robinson – The Hutaree militia and the rising risk of far-right violence.

Bacteria in Clouds Promote Rainstorms to Spread Themselves


Bacteria that live in clouds may have evolved the ability to promote rainstorms as a way to disperse themselves. These microbes—called ice nucleators—are found in rain, snow, and hail throughout the world, according to Brent Christner, a microbiologist at Louisiana State University. These bacteria may be part of a constant feedback between terrestrial ecosystems and clouds. They may rely on the rainfall to spread to new habitats, much as plants rely on windblown pollen grains.

via Cloud – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

NJ Teen Whored Her 7-Year-Old Stepsister to Seven Men and Boys

What a disaster:

It started with a party invitation to a 15-year-old girl from some men she knew. She took her 7-year-old stepsister to an apartment down the street from their home near the Statehouse, where the girls had been hanging around outside on a Sunday afternoon. For the younger girl, police say it quickly descended into a horrifying ordeal in which she was gang-raped by as many as seven men as her sister not only watched but got paid by those who did it. Their parents, none the wiser, thought maybe they had run away. Inside apartment 13-C, police said, the 7-year-old was soon left alone as her sister headed to a back bedroom to sell sex to several men. “They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone.”

via Police: NJ teen sold 7-year-old stepsister for sex with up to 7 men, boys at weekend party

Should Homes Be Worth Twice What They Were in 1996?

“In 1996, unemployment was low, the economy was booming, stocks were rising, and the future looked bright. Email and the internet were just starting to make their ways into homes around the country. Optimism was high as an economic revolution was brewing. Is there any reason why homes today should be worth twice as much as in 1996?Graphically, prices were heading right back to 1996 until the government decided to spend trillions of dollars to prop them up.”

via Should homes be worth twice what they were in 1996?

Everything Now

From a Metafilter comment:

The entire global system, at this point, is built around Americans taking stuff they can’t pay for, and will never be able to pay for, but are nevertheless promising to by sending dollars overseas. No matter how many dollars ship out, we just make more, so our economy isn’t impacted by our foolish consumerism. The problem gets worse and worse, and doesn’t self-correct, because both sides are hiding it with currency manipulation. Once China finally figures out that this isn’t going to get better, and starts to dump their dollar holdings, they will take enormous economic damage. They’ll go through something very much like our Great Depression. Their economy is massively overbuilt to service our demand, while our economy is massively underbuilt. We are trying to spend far more than we actually have, and our steadfast refusal to face economic and fiscal reality in any way, shape, or form means first inflation, and then ultimately hyperinflation. We want it all now, all of it, everything, and fuck the people who come after.

via Renminbi Appreciation and US Policy | MetaFilter.

Laura Palmer’s Descent

From an essay about Fire Walk With Me:

Lynch has been repeatedly accused of misogyny, but in many ways his decision to go back and tell Laura’s story was a deeply responsible one—she becomes more than just a victim, a statistic, the metaphorical reflection of an entire town’s transgressions. She’s a living, breathing girl, and a complex, brutally honest character. For the first time we are allowed a glimpse of her strengths as well as her weaknesses, her loyalty and bravery even after all these years of abuse have twisted her into something she knows to be wrong and corrupt. .. The sheer horror of Laura’s situation is never avoided, never sanitised, the complexity of her inner struggle never simplified. She is shown to be cold and self-serving, promiscuous and uncaring, and eventually suicidal. But we are with her every step of the way, drawn into her nightmare world, sharing her fear, her desperation, her need to dominate others and drag them down to her level. We understand at each moment why she behaves the way she does, we know that she never had a choice. And therein lies the film’s heartrending power. Lynch never looks away, and never, ever does he trivialise his subject.Perhaps it is this refusal to avert the camera’s gaze that offended so many critics and women’s groups. Sheryl Lee’s performance as Laura is startling; sympathetic and honest, switching from ecstasy to fear, from power to submission in a heartbeat. But the depth of her humiliation is tough to take, and as the film progresses Lynch mercilessly strips away her dignity, leaving her vulnerable and naked, literally and figuratively. But what the film’s critics failed to understand is that for Lynch, the camera is not a voyeuristic instrument—it does not distance him from his subject, it brings them together, connecting him and us with Laura’s suffering in a very visceral, direct way.



March 30, 2010

"Experiment have seen collisions!!!!!!!!!!!"

CERN are the only people allowed to use multiple exclamation points.

"Experiment have seen collisions!!!!!!!!!!!"

CERN- the European Organization for Nuclear Research- is the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world.


March 30, 2010

What's your Fascination Score?

Had a call today with Sally Hogshead. Just took her Fascination Score quiz – My results

What's your Fascination Score?