Obama’s ‘SS’

This became crystal-clear midway through his Fox News program Thursday night, during a segment featuring ex-Democrat now complete loser Patrick Caddell and the ever-vivacious Michelle Malkin to heartily agree with whatever craziness came burbling out of his mouth. They were all gathered to talk about the “army” of “thugs” that President Obama is planning to […]

A Rich Person Before the Dream

We are so jacked and we don’t realize it. Other countries have faster internet, better health care (or any health care), more jobs, better benefits and better looking neighbors. You see them walking through my town, (San Francisco). They are happy, rich foreigners looking at us with a mixture of pity and amusement. We are […]

Dead End for Writers

My job? Basically, I’m 31 and at a professional dead end. And so are most people in here. I mean, think about it. What actual skill do I possess? I edit quips about Marc Jacobs’ boyfriend for a living. ‘Editing’ is not really a job. Not anymore, at least. There are about a million younger, […]

AIG CEO Defends Holiday Villa Overlooking Adriatic

Wearing flip-flops, khaki shorts and a green polo shirt, the new chief executive of bailed-out insurer American International Group Inc says he’s getting a lot of work done from his massive villa overlooking the Adriatic. “People criticize me for being on vacation. I actually started work a week before I was actually supposed to,” Robert […]

Bitchy Actors Complain on Twitter During Auditions

Diva-bitches enters the new century: On Wednesday, while Ms. Eisenberg was conducting a casting session for “Gay Bride of Frankenstein,” a show that will be performed in late September as part of the New York Musical Theater Festival, she was also tweeting about the performers who were auditioning for her. Without mentioning actors by name, […]

Conficker is Still Out There

With more than five million of these zombies now under its control — government, business and home computers in more than 200 countries — this shadowy computer has power that dwarfs that of the world’s largest data centers. Alarmed by the program’s quick spread after its debut in November, computer security experts from industry, academia […]

Missing Girl Walks Into Police Station – 18 Years Later

A woman claiming to be Jaycee Lee Dugard, now 29, walked into a police station in tiny Antioch, Calif., Wednesday, her stepfather Carl Probyn told ABCNews.com today. Based on conversations his wife has had with police, the FBI and the woman herself, Probyn said the family is convinced Jaycee has been found. via ABC News.