Marvel Comics Biggest Problem

I’ve said it before, but the biggest problem I have with Marvel movies is that they waste so damn much time on origin stories. Give us a Star Wars scroll with “Peter Parker was bit by a spider and got powers”. As much as I enjoy the characters, most of the origin stories are just […]

Invisible Elderly

In this country of twittering youth, Mr. Singh and his friends form a gathering force: the elderly, who now make up America’s fastest-growing immigrant group. Since 1990, the number of foreign-born people over 65 has grown from 2.7 million to 4.3 million — or about 11 percent of the country’s recently arrived immigrants. Their ranks […]

People of Wal-Mart Backlash

This whole idea that this is somehow offensive to the underclasses is very patronizing. These people are hardly representative of most poor people. Poverty doesn’t cause you to buy a pair of shorts that are seven sizes too small. via Commenter on Gawker

More Taibbi on Thomas Friedman

I wish I had the balls to first spend six long years madly cheering on an Iraq war that not only reintroduced Sharia law to the streets of Baghdad, but radicalized the entire Islamic world against American influence—and then write a book blaming the spread of fundamentalist Islam on the ignorant consumers of the middle […]

Chris Wallace Fellates Cheney

Now look: there are softball interviews; and then there are interviews like this. It cannot be described as journalism in any fashion. Even as propaganda, which is its point, it doesn’t work – because it’s far too cloying and supportive of Cheney to be convincing to anyone outside the true-believers. When it comes to Cheney, […]

Manny Pacquiao Stops Crime

When he fights, the entire country watches — literally.The police in Manila say that crimes drop drastically during Manny Pacquiao’s fights, which means that even criminals stop their dirty work to watch.There are also regular squabbles between communist insurgents and Muslim secessionists, but even they put their battles on ice to watch Pacquiao fight.In simpler […]

3 Types of Workers

“There are only two types of worker, no matter where you go: careerists, who are loyal to their own ambitions, and technicians, who are loyal to their work.” no, there’s a third type – those who are loyal to their paycheck and will do as little as possible for it via Commenter on MetaFilter

Geek Squad Screws Customers Over

We bought the extended warranty for the computer so we brought the tower in to the (redacted), NH store to get the CD replaced over 3 weeks ago. We declined backing up the data (a $100 charge) since replacing the CD drive is not a big deal, and does not require any work to be […]