How Toyota Handles Layoffs

Toyota’s hasn’t laid off anyone. “Production has been halted but do you know what the employees are busy doing?” It means that while these employees were not manufacturing automobiles, they were in training. They were doing safety drills, participating in productivity improvement exercises, attending presentations on material handling and workplace hazards, taking diversity and ethics […]

Toots, Agnes, Flo and Musa Belle

I’d put this at the bottom of my newsletter yesterday and realized I hadn’t blogged it: (before the election results came out) Condolences to the Obama family with the passing of Barack’s grandmother. Some of are blessed with bonus moms in our lives. Grandmothers are magical, tenacious, steel-reinforced, iron-clad angels. Toots was a wonder – […]

New Puppy!

I think I can sum up my reaction to the election in three words: Thank. Fucking. God. I was worried about voting machines and long lines and the underlying theorem of American politics: Never underestimate stupid scared white people. But the electoral votes gradually built up for Barack and I feel like I can exhale. […]

Overcast and Cloudy

(yesterday morning) It is Saturday and I can hear the delivery trucks humming through the streets. Or it could be the mail trucks. We live right next to a central post office distribution center with dozens of mail trucks. Nope it is the dumpster trucks that look like they’d be fun to joust with. Astro […]