A co-worker yesterday commented that I looked like I’m getting beefier. That’s always good news. I think I’ve lifted regularly enough for a while now that the growth hormones are starting to kick in. Had a half-hour panic attack yesterday while I was leading a team call. Very embarrassing. I just rebooted on Zoloft last […]

Hitler’s Descendants Forego Parenting: This Bloodline Dies With Us

From MeFi: "’Uncle Adolf’ referred to William Patrick as ‘my loathsome nephew’." Willy Hitler, the son of Adolf Hitler’s half-brother Alois Hitler, Jr., is one member of Hitler’s extended family, although he wasn’t easy to track down. After WWII, he changed his name and tried to live a private, secret life in the United States. […]

Moment of Truth TV Show

I’ve had indigestion all morning. I was up at 3. I think our trip to CPK followed by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream might be the culprit. That or God is punishing me for watching Moment of Truth. I like how the audience sounds so mortified when the contestant humiliates his or her family on […]

Money Matters

And it is Wednesday. Our money discussion went well last night. I’d created a budget for us that outlined how much we both contribute to the joint account, how much we each have in our separate accounts and how much we have left after we pay rent and utilities and all the other things that […]

US Gov’t Detaining 26,000 in Secret Prisons Without Trial

“By its own admission, the US government is currently detaining at least 26,000 people without trial in secret prisons, and information suggests up to 80,000 have been ‘through the system’ since 2001. The US government must show a commitment to rights and basic humanity by immediately revealing who these people are, where they are, and […]

Bacterium Found in 120,000-Year-Old Ice

"A team of Penn State scientists has discovered a new ultra-small species of bacteria that has survived for more than 120,000 years within the ice of a Greenland glacier at a depth of nearly two miles. The microorganism’s ability to persist in this low-temperature, high-pressure, reduced-oxygen, and nutrient-poor habitat makes it particularly useful for studying […]

Chinese Earthquake Comics

Shattering set of manga comics about the Chinese earthquake. Artist Coco Wang writes: I have been crying my eyes out in the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people… their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided to tell these touching stories by […]