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Highschool Surveillance Camera Captures 2 Girls Kissing, Adults Freak Out

Cue the ‘teen sex panic’ dynamics:

A security camera captured two girls kissing, but it’s what happened next that sparked a surveillance debate. The dean of students said he saw two girls kissing. He checked the surveillance tape then shared what he saw with the parents of one of the girls. They then pulled her out of school, which then pulled the peninsula school district into a big controversy. “They weren’t harming other students, so I don’t think the administrators had a right to show it to her parents or anybody else,” student, Laura Varadi said. “I think that they didn’t use the cameras like how they should. They should only be used for safety I think,” student, Jade Egelhoff said. “We obviously made a mistake,” Superintendent Terry Bouck said. “We’re here to make sure our kids, our staff and parents are safe, but we’re not going to be monitoring public displays of affection, etc.” But some parents ask “Why not?” The Holmes said surveillance cameras are a way of life. Helping prevent crime, identifying suspects and just giving folks a sense of security knowing the cameras are always watching.

I don’t know about you but the last thing ubiquitous surveillance cameras give me is a sense of security. Maybe a sense of the hammer coming down on anyone at anytime for anything…

Roswell Deathbed Confession: I Saw Bodies

The PR officer at the time of the Roswell crash just passed away: (

Haut died last year but left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death. Last week, the text was released and asserts that the weather balloon claim was a cover story and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar. He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies.

Windows Open

It was cool enough last night to have the windows open so the house smells a bit fresher than usual. I’ve also lit the oil burner thingy and so we should have a nice citrus wafting through the air.

Do you pronounce ‘waft’ so that it rhymes with ‘raft’ or ‘loft’?

Was working on an ebook last night and realized that I pretty much don’t want to finish it. Mostly I just need to update it. I’m doing the Product Factory, plus I’m a team leader and so I know that I’m supposed to be creating a ‘signature product’ and a WordPress ebook really isn’t a particularly ‘signature’ product. It has been done to death and the realization I had last night is that while everybody wants to know how to do things, they honestly don’t want to learn how to do things. Not because they are lazy or dumb but because they just want to get to the point and get started. Those that like to tinker have hours of free tutorials and such. It isn’t competitive – it would be repetitive.

I IMed with Sharonista (who(m?) we are trying to trick into coming up for Market Days) and have made some newer plans for a new product – something much more exciting that sort of keeps in line with my broader branding.

I really don’t like talking about branding. I think it is so boring. I’m a bit tainted from reading Naomi Klein and the like – I see branding as a diversion. I know it isn’t. But everyone seems to jaw on and on about how damned important branding is and to me it all just comes down to being distinctive and consistent.

I’ve been generally bored with most of the stuff around me lately. Plus, I’ve found I’ve moved way too far over to the left-brained world and need to come a bit back to creativity-land.

I wish somebody would add Denis de Bernady’s WordPress hooks to the main WordPress codebase.