Iraq Blogger Leaves Baghdad

Riverbend, author of Baghdad Burning: The Wall is the latest effort to further break Iraqi society apart. Promoting and supporting civil war isn’t enough, apparently- Iraqis have generally proven to be more tenacious and tolerant than their mullahs, ayatollahs, and Vichy leaders. It’s time for America to physically divide and conquer– like Berlin before the […]

Idol Gives Back: Wasting a Phone Call

Can you imagine if after people voted on Idol last night if they were connected to the office of their reps in Congress to leave a voicemail to aid Africa or get NOLA moving? Not once did they mention any of the political implications of any of these problems either in Africa or the US. […]

China Discovers 2.2 Billion Barrels of Oil

Now that’s leverage: China became a net oil importer in the late 1990s and now is the world’s No. 2 consumer after the United States, and consumption last year rose another 9.3 percent to 2.4 billion barrels. Imports in 2006 surged by 16.9 percent and accounted for 47 percent of consumption, while domestic production edged […]