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Possbile UK Law: Drunk Women Can’t Consent to Sex

Men who have sex with drunken women will be at risk of being convicted of rape under new laws to be considered by ministers. The legal shake-up would mean a woman would be considered incapable of giving consent to sex if she had been drinking heavily.

What if the man is drunk too? Is he excused from his behavior?

How drunk is too drunk?

What if it is two lesbians?

What if the man is drunk and the woman is sober?

Guys, here’s your out:

Say, ‘Can you hand me that condom?’

That establishes 1) she is conscious enough to understand you and 2) she wants to engage in intercourse and 3) she understands the need to use a condom.

White House Tries to Stop New York Times Op-Ed That Cleared CIA

Excellent – I can start using my ‘fascism 14’ categories early:

The CIA reviewed the article and cleared it for publication, but the White House put the brakes on it, saying it contained classified information that the CIA missed. Leverett cried foul: "All of my publications on Iran — and, indeed, on any other policy matter on which I have written since leaving government — were cleared beforehand by the CIA’s Publication Review Board to confirm that I would not be disclosing classified information." Now Steve Clemons, a friend of Leverett’s, reports on his blog (ed.: see editorial note below) that tomorrow the Times will run the op-ed "with redacted lines ‘blacked out.’" Clemons told me by phone that the Times will instruct readers where they can find the omitted information in other (unclassified) publications — like, for instance, in Leverett’s paper on the same topic called "Dealing with Tehran," published through the Century Foundation.

Hava Nagila Hoedown

Did anybody else see the evangelicals celebrating Judaism (Christians wearing yamulkas excited about the rapture/restoration) with a Hava Nagila hoedown? I swear they sung it alternating with lyrics of Like a chicken in a bread pan, pickin up dough Even had the devil sayin ‘ "Go, Man, Go !"

Songs in Andy’s Strip Club

Have you ever thought about opening your own strip club? The last time I was in a straight strip club was for Alan’s bachelor party and I am always disappointed. Same thing with gay strip clubs. There seems to be an air of boredom for everybody involved. I sometimes imagine what my own strip club would be like. It would have the hot, slightly mean-looking dancers and have a definite edge to it – nothing glam – lots of implied harm. Here’s the opening night mix:

The Real Thing by KMFDM. I just started downloading KMFDM’s music on iTunes. I have probably listened to this song 24 times today. Lyrics:

Gimme the real thing
Gimme the life
Give me something deep
Something straight
Like a sharpened knife

and continuing with the theme of authenticity

The Real Thing by Lords of Acid (featured in Strangedays).

Our bodies all entangled
In a grip of ecstasy
When eleven turns to midnight
I’m gonna feel that lovin’ heat
I wanna feel the good vibrations
That you put inside my head

Give It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers

What I’ve got youve got to get it put it in you
Reeling with the feeling dont stop continue

Suck My Kiss by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hit me you can’t hurt me
Suck my kiss
Kiss please pervert me
Stick with this

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

I want to fuck you like animal
I want to fill you from the inside

The Only Time by Nine Inch Nails

I want to wrap it up and swim in it until i drown.
my moral standing is lying down.

Sabotage by Beastie Boys

(I’ve always just loved the music behind it)

#1 Crush by Garbage

I would die for you.

Strict Machine by Goldfrapp

I’m in love with a strict machine.

Erotica by Madonna

If I take you from behind
Push myself through your mind
When you least expect it
Will you try to reject it?

Electric Chair by Prince

If a man is considered guilty
4 what goes on in his mind
Then give me the electric chair
4 all my future crimes

Darling Nikki by Prince

I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess you could say she was a sex friend
I met her in a hotel lobby
masturbating with a magazine

Gett Off by Prince

Something about a little box with a
Mirror and a tongue inside
What she told me then got me so hot
I knew that we could slide

The Waitress by Tori Amos
(something about the music for this – Tori moaning with that derelict bass line is very hot)

Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches

(just repeating the chorus is enough)

My Mind is My Enemy by Praga Khan

I Like To Pretend That Nothing Has Changed
But All I Ever Loved You Just Took It Away
There’s A Knife In My Chest
I Go To Sleep But Not To Rest

So it looks like I somehow mash bleak and implied violence with sexyness and lust. I envision a strip club that is part fantasy, part warning. I guess it is a bit confrontational and Brechtian.

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Oh and I think I want Shohreh Aghdashloo in every movie I watch from now on. She plays the Iraqi soccer mom in American Dreamz. But you’ll also recognize her as the severe doctor from X-Men 3. But even better, you’ll know her sexy purr as Dina Araz from Season 4 of 24. Shohreh played the wife in the terrorist cell and has one of the best scenes ever: she instructs her son to kill his girlfriend (who knows too much) but she poisons her as well just in case and when he can’t bring himself to kill her she shames him for being a coward after the poor little girl chokes to death in front of him. Talk about disappointing your parents. Besides all that Shohreh Aghdashloo is an absolutely beautiful woman – she needs to get a ton of work beyond her type. I would love to see her and Penny Johnson Jerald team up as the Ladies Macbeth or something.

American Dreamz

Is everyone in American a self-absorbed back-stabbing asshole? That is pretty much the thesis of American Dreamz, a American Idol spoof with Mandy Moore, Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid, Chris Klein and Marcia Gay Harden (doing a fantastic Laura Bush-inspired First Lady). I have a suspicion that American Dreamz was toned down. There is a ton of possibility in the movie to really have a nice vicious streak but it pulls back (at least until the end). Nothing is more American than a farce where everyone is an egotistical sociopath and the movie starts on that path but doesn’t deliver on the corrosive humor (like a Ruthless People). It has some laughs. An ending that will surprise, and comeuppance that is deserving.

Could someone please swap Chris Klein in for Josh Hartnett’s entire career.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns is a valiant effort. But Brandon Routh lacks the charm of Christopher Reeve. Reeve’s Clark Kent was always a big dork but had an underlying charm that Raimi didn’t evoke out of Routh. Spacey is great as Lex Luthor and Parker Posey is fun as his henchwoman, Kitty. I think Parker Posey should be the sidekick to every film’s villain – I think she should be a Bond girl/villainess, too. Ron and I still laugh thinking about her in Blade: Trinity when she smacks this blonde vampire out of her seat. So funny.


I am really liking Guns, Germs and Steel. I like ‘whole systems’ explained to me and having trends pointed out. I never really understood what it meant to domesticate a crop. Or considered how early hunter-gather groups figured out farming. Or how crucial domesticated animals were to pretty much everything.

So far what I find most fascinating is how moving to farming opens up a society for a whole new level of development. Farming brings about excess food. Excess food means sedentary living. Sedentary living means mothers can have children faster (nomadic groups have to wait until the newborn is able to walk and keep up before having another child). That increases population growth which increases demand for food. Labor division starts with the food producers and then others, opening the way for bureaucrats and a hierarchical government.

Or about the domestication of wheat. That wild wheat needs stalks that break easily and bring the seed back down to the ground to be replanted. But humans would have more easily picked the stronger stalks that kept the weight above the wet soil (at risk of rot). As strong stalks got singled out and bred, voila: domestic wheat.

Or what kinds of plants make for good domestication. Totally captivating stuff.

I did read a bit of his next book ‘Collapse’ to find that since food production increases population which increase need for more food production that often societies start farming marginal lands to maintain food supplies leading to environmental disaster and food supply/societal collapse.

I like the word societal.

Quiet weekend. Ron is off to LA for a 3-day trip – he’ll be back on Wednesday.