Legalizing Tyranny

I couldn’t get to sleep last night thinking about the torture/detention legislation that got scared through Congress yesterday. We are a country ruled by a President who has seized the power to break the law in multiple ways while virtually nothing is done about it. Yesterday, we formally vested the power in the President to […]

Researchers Recreate Sense of ‘Being Watched’

Reported in Nature: When the patient sat up, leaned forward and clasped her knees, she felt that the figure was also sitting, embracing her in its arms – a feeling she described as “unpleasant”. The temporoparietal junction is known to be involved in creating the concept of ‘self’, and the distinction between ‘self’ and ‘other’. […]

Bill Clinton Chews Chris Wallace Up and Spits Him Out on FOX News and All Critics of His Conduct Re: Bin Laden, Cole Bombing and ‘Wag the Dog’

I still love Bill Clinton. Any guy that can do the New York Times crossword in record time can be in my Oval Office any day. And Clinton post-bypass is fearless. Chris Wallace asks him why he didn’t ‘do more’ to stop Bin Laden. Bill lays him out – not just in tone but completely […]