Post-Christmas Roundup

The New York Times held on to the NSA/wiretap story. Everybody knows that. The best part is they knew all of this before the 2004 election. Barron’s mentions impeachment.  Airstrikes in Iraq up 500%. Matt Lauer licks Ann Coulter like a BBQ rib. "More leaks… about the NSA spying… which has been a huge win […]


Ron and I watched Rize last night. You may have seen the style of dance called krumping (or the precursor: clowning). Frenetic, slightly crazed and lightspeed neo-tribal – it reminds me of a whirling dervish. The movie takes place in the Watts neighborhood and surrounding areas. A guy named Tommy the Clown started it all […]

The Good News

Got measured at the gym today. Body fat from 21% to 17%. That is with about a C+ commitment to diet but regular lifting/cardio over the last 45 days. All measurements remains the same except for thighs. Thighs went from 17 inches to 19.5! He measured them four times to make sure. This is from […]