Make Abortion Unnecessary

Breaking from the silence to link to my buddy Pat’s blog which explores the question: What is all the time and money spent to make abortion illegal were spent making it unnecessary?  Join her project at  Pat is a great writer, a favorite colleague and a serial blogger.

I’m Alive

Yes. I am alive. My book manuscript is due on Monday so I’m a little on the crazy side right now. Got Parts 4 and 5 rewritten. Finished part 3 yesterday. Trying to get parts 1 and 2 put to bed this morning. Had a minor panic yseterday when I realized that my deadline was […]

Andy Shoots a Gun

(from this weekend in Nashville) It is Sunday. I am at the airport in Nashville waiting for the return flight to Chicago Midway. Airports and banks need to hire better lighting designers. Even when I went to Washington Mutual to open my business checking account last week it was still as dark and sterile as […]

Dinner at Nashville’s The Mad Platter

For my sister’s birthday dinner, we at at the Mad Platter a slightly upscale restaurant where they had their wedding reception (The one with the endless crab cakes. I think if there is anything close to a horn of plenty it would be endless amounts of crab cakes). We had a five course meal: I […]

Relax, Mom

My parents can now relax: my application for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois insurance has gone through. I’d had to re-submit after being rejected for having old liver tests (I have a completely bening condition called hyperbilirubinism). That only took 3 months. So now instead of paying my COBRA which is $500 a month […]

The Example of Norway

This post from MeFi made me want to make a few notes about Norway: World’s 3rd largest oil exporter. Saves oil revenus to finance future generations. Norway has been voted the best country to live in for the past five years. Norway has no external debt. No hormones in animal feed. Accept same-sex couples. "i […]