Unity Walk in D.C. on 9-11 @ 2pm

My buddy Lewis Jaffee is helping to organize the DC Unity Walk consisting of people from all religions walking from temples to synagogues to churches and ending up at the Ghandi Memorial on Massachusetts Avenue. I told him I’d engage my blog buddies to help promote this event (what – like you were going to […]

U.S. Soldiers Kill Journalist. Laugh About It.

U.S. soldiers were heard joking around when Waleed Khaled’s family came to the scene of the [presumably accidental] shooting. As his tearful relatives inspected his corpse, a U.S. soldier said "Don’t bother. It’s not worth it." A few other soldiers joked among themselves just a few feet from the body… Khaled is the 66th journalist […]

A War to Be Proud Of

(referred from a Metafilter discussion) Ugh. This is a terrible essay from Christopher Hitchens boiling down to: Well Saddam was bad and he’s gone and surely you don’t want him back do you? Do you?! Quoth Hitch: [W]e had not by any means escaped the reach of atavistic, aggressive, expansionist, and totalitarian ideology. Is he […]

Below Sea Level

Who the hell builds a city below sea-level anyway? And it sinks 3 feet lower every century. That’s my crass thought for the day. Along with lack of pity for the folks that stayed to ‘weather the storm’. Third Category Five hurricane in American history and they’re gonna tough it out. 

Iraq War More Expensive Than WWI

Remember ‘the war to end all wars’? That never does seem to stick does it? This conflict has already cost each American at least $850 in military and reconstruction costs since October 2001. If the war lasts another five years, it will cost nearly $1.4 trillion… That’s nearly $4,745 per capita.