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Unity Walk in D.C. on 9-11 @ 2pm

My buddy Lewis Jaffee is helping to organize the DC Unity Walk consisting of people from all religions walking from temples to synagogues to churches and ending up at the Ghandi Memorial on Massachusetts Avenue. I told him I’d engage my blog buddies to help promote this event (what – like you were going to go to the ‘America Supports You Freedom Walk’/retro-Riefenstahl event instead?).

The site for the event is  – please help spread the word about this event – especially if you are a DC area blogger or call 202-362-2222.

U.S. Soldiers Kill Journalist. Laugh About It.

U.S. soldiers were heard joking around when Waleed Khaled’s family came to the scene of the [presumably accidental] shooting. As his tearful relatives inspected his corpse, a U.S. soldier said "Don’t bother. It’s not worth it." A few other soldiers joked among themselves just a few feet from the body… Khaled is the 66th journalist to be killed in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. In comparison, a total of 63 journalists were killed in the Vietnam War.

A War to Be Proud Of

(referred from a Metafilter discussion)

Ugh. This is a terrible essay from Christopher Hitchens boiling down to: Well Saddam was bad and he’s gone and surely you don’t want him back do you? Do you?!

Quoth Hitch:

[W]e had not by any means escaped the reach of atavistic, aggressive, expansionist, and totalitarian ideology.

Is he talking about Saddam or George W. Bush? Let’s see:

Atavistic – Just like dear old dad – a throwback to nostalgia and a time that never was. A culture of life that devaules life at every possible turn: pre-natal care, civilian casualties (oh we don’t count the civilian dead anymore – that is like so Vietnam), captial punishment and a good game of "hide the coffins." But save those fetuses – women can’t be trusted with their own uteri.

Aggressive – "Bring it on!" "Axis of Evil." "Smoke ’em out of their holes." Pre-emptive war re-labeled as preventive war. No patience for diplomacy. "Mission Accomplished – no wait! Last throes – no wait!" Saber-rattling at Iran and North Korea. Coup in Haiti.

Expansionist – How many military bases are we leaving behind in Iraq? Oh yeah: 14. Aren’t we still in Afghanistan? Oh and at least 700 other international installations. American exceptionalism is bullshit – Europe learned these lessons a long time ago.

Totalitarian – Bye bye Roe v Wade. Hello prayer in schools. Bye bye contraception. Hello PATRIOT ACT (and part II). Complicity of mainstream press. Indefinite detentions. Secret military tribunals. Secret searches. Fraudulent elections. Second-class citizenry. Signed pledges to attend rallies. No vetoes – ever.

MeFiers say it much better than I:

The Bush apologists take this fact as an excuse for warcrimes committed by this administration, because, you know, if some good came of it, it must be all justified, no? It’s mostly the people accusing liberals of moral relativism that in the same breath state that every human rights violation is a-ok as long as it’s not as bad as it was before.


The bizarro relativism makes my head spin: if we’re attacking Saddam because of human rights abuses, then we have an onus to not just be a little bit better and torture a little less, but to actually stamp out that evil.


at the same time that they were "liberating iraq," they were setting up a dictatorship in haiti, and negotiating trade deals which entrench labour camps in latin america. anyone who thinks this administration – or any administration in recent memory – really does or really has truly given a damn about freedom (beyond the freedom to "buy, buy, BUY!") hasn’t been following very much news

I wonder if when George was face down in a pool of his own alcohol-soaked vomit he thought he’d ever amount to anything. That as he wiped the cocaine from his nose with a Bible that he’d actually help transform the United States. Perhaps while he was hiding from military service and the bodies of poor kids his age rotted in the jungles of Vietnam he took a moment from his skirt-chasing and AWOL to think that perhaps he’d change things for the better. That while his mother berated him for being the family fuck-up he thought: I’ll show ’em all. While the beta blockers try and hold back the blinking that he thinks: I’m the big man on campus. And the campus is the whole wide world.

Rob Marciano, CNN’s Weather Hunk

Rob Marciano, CNN meterologist (C) CNN

This entry on my blog is getting a ton of hits where I ogle CNN weather anchor Rob Marciano and wonder if there’s any Anderson Cooper/Jon King or Bill Hemmer slash fiction. I have absolutely no evidence that he is anything but happily married to a woman. I just think he’s handsome. I would love to see him and Fox Chicago Weather Hussy Michelle Leigh hook up. She’s so dreamy.


Update: I spoke too soon – there is Anderson Cooper/Jon King slash fiction.

Update 2: Scratch that. It is Jon Stewart.

Chicago Tribune: Housing Bubble Talk Bursts Euphoria

Went to the gym and did a combo set of curls, lats and shoulders and was having a Hungry Person at Stella’s (sausage, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, wheat toast and fresh fruit). I was at the counter since the restaurant was packed. I usually grab a lonely newspaper from a previous patron. In this case the Sunday Tribune front section:

Richard DeKaser, chief economist for National City Bank in Cleveland, has tracked 20 years of single-family home prices for 299 metro areas around the country and doesn’t place the greater Chicago area in what he calls the "red zone," the 53 markets, representing 31 percent of the nation’s housing market, that he considers "extremely overvalued" because prices exceed statistical norms by 30 percent. "But Chicago isn’t far off–it’s overvalued by 19 percent," he said.

Suddenly this guy at a table to my left starts yelling: That’s me! That’s me! And then I realize he’s hollering to me. Turns out he’s the fellow interviewed for the article I was reading. His name was Joe and he was putting off buying a place because of concerns about the housing market downtown.