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Blogger’s Meme

Terrance tagged me so I’m answering these questions… I tag Sam and Jake and Madge:

If we are single or in a monogamous relationship?

In a monogamous relationship.

How long we have been with our partner/significant other/boy/girlfriend?

4 years on September 3rd.

How we met?

I saw him come into the Caribou Coffee shop on Broadway and Aldine. Saw his smile, his arms and his handsome eyes. He was reading Margaret Cho’s book – I’d just finished it – that was my in.

What we like to do together?

Go to the gym (though we train separately because we bicker to much together), rent movies, play with my cat…

If we are single, what life with our ideal spouse/partner would look like?


See Ya Tomorrow

Thank God – I just tested my laptop running a slide presentaiton and the video out is working. I’d never tried that before. I’m presenting tomorrow afternoon at the World Futurist Conference on ‘Blogs and the Global Conversation’ – finalizing my slides and etc. Wish me luck!

Bush Gives the Middle Finger

You’ll hope that Jay Leno is kidding as he sets up a video clip of Bush flipping off the press. You pray to yourself that surely this isn’t our smirking chimp leader doing something so incredibly inappropriate – yet again. And your prayers will fall on deaf ears.

Bush Flips Out 

Paul Hackett, Jean Schmidt and BDSM

Online Marketing Superstars Debuts at #7 on Amazon

Molly Shannon as Mary Catherine Gallagher in Superstar.

Book CoverGuerrilla Marketing Coach Mitch Meyerson’s new book – Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars – debuted this week at #7 on Amazon – overall. The book features top marketing experts Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Joe Vitale, my buddy Michael Port and me. Yup: I wrote the chapter on blogs and RSS feeds and how they can be used to leverage the internet for instant, global marketing. If you order the book online you get a bonus pack of extra goodies and videos.

Yes – that makes me a SUPAH-STAH! just like Mary-Catherine Gallagher. 


Arianna Huffington: Judith Miller is the Leak

Fun possibility – I’d never thought of this:

Miller doesn’t want to reveal her "source" at the White House – because she was the source. Sure, she first got the info from someone else, and the odds are she wasn’t the only one who clued in Libby and/or Rove (the State Dept. memo likely played a role too)… but, in this scenario, Miller certainly wasn’t an innocent writer caught up in the whirl of history. She had a starring role in it. This also explains why Miller never wrote a story about Plame, because her goal wasn’t to write a story, but to get out the story that cast doubts on Wilson’s motives. Which Novak did.

Happy Birthday Blog!

5 years ago I stumbled into the blogosphere with a post about MSN. Since then I’ve blogged my love life, my work life and my general life life. This blog ended up becoming a catalog of my political education. Past names of this blog include: Wibblog, Bi Next Door, Polymorph Self, Isopure Miso Soup You So Crazy, When Panics Attack and then finally Andymatic. I started off in Blogger, moved to Movable Type and then settled into WordPress. I wanted to do a ‘highlights’ reel but it is still early.

Happy birthday blog!

Actually I’m wrong. I misread my own archives – the actual five year anniversary was July 18th. Ah well. Move alone then.

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