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Undercover with White Supremacists

From SF Weekly:

Approaching the perky Applebee’s receptionist, I explain that I’m supposed to meet a guy named Kevin, his wife, a baby, and another member of their group. “They promote our culture you know,” I say with a wink. The white supremacists are already eating their appetizers; they have frowns on their faces. “There’s nothing I hate more than traffic,” I present as an excuse. “Except, of course, the Jews.”

Ballys Total Fitness and Me

My Bally’s membership turned three years old this month. And for customers of the draconian company, that is indeed a milestone. Now my membership dues are waved and my membership is free! Free! Free!

Except for a small monthly maintenance fee.

What kind of stupid bullshit is that? I knew about the monthly fee long before but I think it is incredibly dishonest when they market it like you get a lifetime membership for free. It is like when a lifetime guarantee on an appliance isn’t your lifetime – it is the appliance’s lifetime.

Before Bally’s I was at Crunch, which Bally’s bought a few years ago. I moved to Bally’s after Ron and I met since my Crunch was expiring. Ah, memories.

There’s Something About Marrying (The Simpsons)

Nelson Muntz saying Ha Ha.

I thought that gay-marriage episode of The Simpsons was a total cop-out – not as bad as the Joe Millionaire false-ending cop-out but more along the lines of a Chris Carter X-Files ‘end of one season tease to movie and then not answer anything and tease to next season and still not answer anything’ cop-out. The best line was:

Marge: As long as two people love each other I don’t care if they have the same hoo hoo or ha ha.
Nelson: (suddenly appearing from offscreen) Ha ha!

I thought I would list my favorite Nelson Ha-Has.

  1. Ha ha – your mom changed. (Marge becomes a body builder)
  2. Ha ha – you’re nocturnal. (Nelson sees bats at the zoo)
  3. Ha ha – you’ve been usurped! That’s right, I said usurped. (Something with Principal Skinner, I believe)
  4. (To the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony) Ha-ha-ha-HA! Ha-ha-ha-HA! (History lesson with Bart as Mozart, Lisa as Salieri and Nelson as Ludwig Van)

Bonus line:

Willy: No! That’s my retirement fat!

Hunter S. Thompson – RIP

From Kingdom of Fear:

We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world – a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us… No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you.

Iraq Vets Offered Ecstasy to Treat Flashbacks

The Food and Drug Administration has given the go-ahead for soldiers traumatized by their time in Iraq and Afghanistan to be offered the party drug ecstasy to help free them of flashbacks and recurring nightmares. The soldiers would take the drug as part of an experiment to see if MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, can treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Further reading:

Before smileys. Before glow sticks and Mitsubishis. Before raves and techno, ecstasy had a lengthy, respected, and legal career as a psychotherapeutic drug.

Howard Brown Employee Dealt Meth + Chicago Fireball

Chicago Police have busted an employee of the Howard Brown Center – one of the major (and acclaimed) gay outreach centers in the city – for dealing crystal meth. I hope this doesn’t tarnish Howard Brown’s image – I hold them in huge esteem for their response to HIV for everybody in the city as well as a commitment to the overall mental health of the Boystown crowd.

Anderson, 44, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at Howard Brown Health Center in the 4000 block of North Sheridan after Town Hall District police raided his Lake View home and found 109 grams of meth worth about $36,000, authorities said.

Dear Chicago Police: Really serious about the meth problem? Do some strategic frisking at Fireball this weekend and I bet you’ll make a ton of arrests (as well as be criticized for targeting gays).

Low-hanging fruit, people. Heh: fruits.

Iraq Elections Compared to Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and El Salvador points to this:

Once again the media have played the turnout card, in line with the official public relations agenda, with the Iraqi public defying the insurgents and the U.S. military playing a pro-democracy role in protecting the election, just as the Salvadoran army did in the Salvadoran elections of 1982 and 1984. Once again the media do not discuss whether the conditions of a free election have been met, and whether a genuine free election can be held under a military occupation and in the midst of violent warfare. The media did not discuss the fact that Al-Jazeera had been barred from Baghdad, that other independent media were regularly harassed, and that the U.S.-appointed interim government completely dominates television, although the media were very upset at the Sandinistas’ restrictions on the newspaper La Prensa in 1984 and implied that this badly compromised the election held there.