When a Debate Isn’t

Connie Rice details why tonight’s debate is nothing but: A debate is a head-to-head, spontaneous, structured argument over the merits of an issue. Under the ridiculous 32-page contract that reads like the rules for the Miss America Pageant, there will be no candidate-to-candidate questions, no rebuttal to your opponent’s points, no cross questions or cross […]

Asian Pacific American Toychest

Ernie introduces Lauren, The Asian-Pacific-Islander Spoken Word Poet Doll: Lauren would come in a cardigan sweater and a pair of fabulous black, horn-rimmed glasses, where she would stand quietly. Stand quietly, of course, until you pull the string in the back – then she because Angry Asian-American Activist Lauren, where she would scream epithets about […]

Windows VPN Assistance

Any of you geeks know jack about VPNs in Windows XP? My boss is trying to get us set up with VPN for some filesharing and we are having a bear of a time. And it’s not because we’re Luddites – my boss is a grade A uber-geek. We’ve been Googling and tinkering for two […]

Making Adobo

I have tried to find my ink pens that I use to write my daily handwritten journal to no avail. I’m a snob. I’ll only write my journal with Pilot Precise .2 mm ink pens. It’s just a strange standard I’ve picked up. I’ve sometimes gone to Walgreens in my pyjamas to buy some pens […]