Georgia Decides to Bring Back ‘Old Backwards’ South

David Galbraith on one of the stupider happenings in public education in America. In 1848, in Georgia, it was illegal to teach a black person to read. Two years ago it was illegal to teach women in Afghanistan. Today Georgia is considering banning the word evolution from its school text books, making it illegal to […]


I must hear some version of this spiel once a month, generally from some self-consciously leftie male between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two desperate to prove his authenticity, present his down-with-the-people, fuck-the-Man bona fides. This despite the fact that Ikea was explicitly founded on the premise of providing well-designed furniture to the masses at […]

Slouching Towards A-List Bloggerdom

Survey inspired by Sam (he got it from Terrance who got it from Bejata): 1. Do you expect to receive a Valentine?s Day wish from someone special this year? Not especially. I see V-day as just one more fabricated celebration to sell slave-made chocolate and overprice cardboard. Though I’m sure Ron and I will go […]


I know I’ll sound like a big sap – but there are a few movies I consider to be ‘truly American’. Not in that they are patriotic – but that they illustrate deeply fundamental values on what it means to live in this country. The myths and ideals of education and mobility and second chances […]

Atom2RSS v0.1

I started wondering if there was some way to convert an Atom newsfeed into RSS on the fly. I really like my FeedReader aggregator and Newsmonster seems to always reboot my machine (actually it’s probably the Java). So between calls today I hacked together atom2rss.php. v0.1 super-alpha! It’s GPL, baby!

How to Be a Webcam Whore in 5 Easy Steps

Ever wanted to become a trashy internet cam whore, but you just don’t know how? Tired of earning money for things the honest way? If you’re shameless and conceited enough, then the exciting world of online prostitution may be for you. It’s hard at first, but don’t get discouraged. Being a cranky bitch and undressing […]

No Child Left Unfried

The United States is the only country in the world where the execution of those under 18 is officially sanctioned. We are the only country not to have signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (which prohibits the practice). The last five executions of juvenile offenders in the world have all […]