Zestfully Me

I bought a lemon zester to spice up my oatmeal in the morning – read a recipe in a men’s fitness magazine about adding orange zest to oatmeal to give it a little citrus kick. I haven’t been this excited since I got the tuna press. I was gleefully zesting my orange this morning and […]


I’m on the second DVD of Taken, the Steven Spielberg-produced miniseries that was on the Sci-Fi channel a few seasons ago. It’s really not that great. There’s just not enough icky-alien stuff going on. The entire cast is a white-wash – its like a Norman Rockwell painting. Everybody’s clean-cut and fresh-faced. The men are solemn, […]

Not To Be Confused with the O’Reilly

Andy: am I immature that I’m giggling because they just used the words ‘fudge factor’ in this meeting I’m on right now? My Sisters Beau: definitely Andy: I guess it’s better than saying ‘guesstimate’ My Sisters Beau: hey try to use fudge packer somehow My Sisters Beau: or SWAG Andy: yeah – I either picture […]