Two Towers Tips

Go rent Two Towers and watch it. If you haven’t seen Fellowship of the Rings then do that first. This is epic filmmaking at it’s best. George Lucas should bite on the cyanide now because Peter Jackson and crew have raised the bar for movietelling and put his McDonaldland Star Wars Salesmachine to shame. Tip: […]

The Big Lie About Terrorism

Absolutely searing: (via Lying Media Bastards) The notion that terrorist acts against the United States can be explained by envy and irrational hatred, and not by what the United States does in and to the world – i.e., US foreign policy – is alive and well. [The idea] that the rise of Anti-American terrorism owes […]


Ron got his flight schedule for next month – he’s on reserve which means he doesn’t know where he’s going – just when he’s working. He can’t sleep he’s so excited about going back to work. He folded and put away all my laundry. Finally got a decent computer desk after making-do with a bookcase […]

Thin Skin

I was ecstatic at the first purchase of a membership to a website I’d created last week. Today the customer asked for a refund. I’d included a money-back guarantee so that wasn’t the problem. It is funny how deeply that hit me. I think the big source of pain is that I didn’t write the […]


I probably never make product recommendations on this weblog but I am making an exception. The best cheap hair gel on the market – Got2B – is now on sale at Walgreens 2-for-1. It’s coast-to-coast. One of Ron’s buddies called and told us so we quickly bought 4 bottles each. It’s in a bright yellow […]

White Boy Training

Scott emailed in with two essays: Training Your White Boy in Ten Easy Lessons 1. HYGIENE. Everyone knows that body odor is the curse of the white man. On general principle, you should refuse sex with your White Boy at least once a week on the grounds that he smells. You will need to introduce […]

Air Shoe

I was awakened from my mid-afternoon slumber the apocalyptic scream of a stealth bomber. Oh, that’s right. It’s the Chicago Air Show weekend – our yearly round of aviation dick-swinging.


How Fresh! goes off on Bush’s same-sex marriage bullshit: (thanks Adam) You want to protect the sanctity of marriage? Keep Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez from getting married. Then you will have actually done society a favor.

Rite of AIDS

Harvey Fierstein writes: There are too many positive gay role models. In fighting the AIDS crisis over the last 20 years, we have done everything possible to dispel the negative connotations that come with having HIV. So, we produced advertising, created enlightenment programs, spent endless hours making certain that having AIDS or being HIV positive […]