Monthly Archives: February 2003

Like White on Rice

Ron has a theory that explains why I always seem to get cruised by latin men whenever we are walking together in public. He says that they know that if I find asians attractive then I like men of color. He says he’ll do the same thing when he sees a white guy walking with a darker-skinned latin guy (or another asian).

Tunney Town

I got such a kick today when I went to Ron’s and in the entry way was candidate for 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney – the first out alderman in the city and the owner of Ann Sather restaurants. I’ve seen him and his team at the train stop at least twice a week and I’ve gotten something in the mail from his campaign at least twice a week and here he was making house calls. I will say I haven’t seen any of the other candidates working this hard. They asked if I lived here and I said I was here to see my boyfriend and he asked if Ron was a registered voter and I said, ‘Nope he’s not even a citizen yet.’ But the best part was when Ron called me as he was coming down the elevator and where the hell was I and I got to say, ‘Oh honey, I’m just sitting here with Tom Tunney waiting for you.’ I know I’m a total dork.

The Scarlet Letter’s Back!

“The law requires the mother to publish her name and physical description; her child?s name and age; the names and physical descriptions, if known, of everyone with whom she had sexual relations during the year preceding the child?s birth; the cities in which conception may have occurred; and the dates on which it may have occurred. The ad must run once a week for four weeks in a newspaper in every city where conception may have occurred.”