Monthly Archives: October 2002


Couldn’t sleep last night. I was up until 2 and then up at 5 to get to the gym to lift. I’m laying off major chest exercises for awhile and really focusing on my arms and my shoulders. My right shoudler has a dull ache whenever I do chest press so I am going to take it easy for awhile.

Watched the premiere of 24 last night. I hope the writers keep in mind one of the central rules of good stories – families. I learned that in Bob’s theatre repetoire clas – that all good plays are about families. Even a love story like ROmeo and Juliet is utlimately about the two families coming to reconciliation. I think that is one reason why I loathe today’s love story – romantic comedy movies. It is just two people in a room with nothing else going on around them. I like the intersection of biography and history – where the personal and political clash and collide.

Met Andrew’s boyfriend Keith today at the gym. Andrew was one of those guys you’d say hi to at the gym and never really introduce yourself to. Just passing acquaintances. I walked home with him one day. His family is seriously Jewish and is still coming to terms with their son being gay. But Keith is Andrew’s first boyfriend and they’ve clocked in at 10 months so far. They are really cute. They both look like accountants.

Work consists of avoidance lately. I try to keep my head down and run the gauntlet and get out while I can. I found out that all of my vacation and sick days were supposed to be converted to me with a payout so I had to follow up with that loose end. More money to throw at my credit cards. Awaiting my November bonus – which better be coming or there will be hell to pay.

Probably going to install the upgrade of MovableType in the next few days – I need to be sure I back up c-matic and my blog and export them correctly in case the upgrade goes awry.


It has been a very busy week.

I had sushi on Tuesday that ended up biting back and sending me on a delirious slide into food poisoning and dehydrated dementia. I’m going to be gross for a second. It is amazing to me when you are so sick and everything seems to fall by the wayside as you devolve into an animal crouching in a cave, wretching it’s insides out. I awoke with massive diarrhea and new that nausea was on it’s merry way – and usually once I heave-ho upstairs that seems to reset everything else. There is is something terrifying about giving in to the urge to purge. You resist and resist but know that your body knows better than you do and you need to step aside from your busy schedule and let your guts take control. All told I lost about 8 pounds of water weight and whatever else I was able to lose in a matter of four days. Mom and dad came to visit so I of course ignored any common sense and assigned myself a big beef-burger to eat and then spent the next night repeating the previous ills and praying that the hunk of cow stuck in my gut would descend.

Eventually wellness found me again and I pigged out and am back to human level.

Mom and dad had a nice visit. We went to the SOFA Expo yesterday which is always a stunning display of artisty and marketing. It blows my little Indiana mind when I am staring a piece of artwork that prices for $350,000. Good Christ. As always that glass work is stunning.

Work has been sucking big donkey dicks lately – or as usual. I keep coming back to the realization that I am the lowest paid person on the project, but seem to be the lynchpin that is holding everything together. Once contractor and I were at a meeting before everybody else was and she told me that I was doing a really great job and that everybody really appreciates all of my hard work and dedication to what we are doing – I was telling her that the emotional, job-well-done part of compensation is there – but the financial end needs to back up those sentiments. Or when Trudy asked me what happened to me working part-time and I was telling her that I couldn’t believe such intelligent people could work in such a stupid way. Once I get my performance bonus then I need to make sure I have a dialogue with my bosses on the fact that I feel fiscally screwed by my current work situation and if it doesn’t change, then I am out the door.

I trained my replacement on how to make the big-ass spreadsheet (lovingly called the BASS by the project group and soon to be called the GDSS or MFSS if frustrations continue). It is a harrowing process of taking spreadsheet data from five soures, matching data formats, throwing it into Access, running reports, exporting it back into Excel… it can take up to seven hours to do one spreadsheet – over one megabyte of data – and the process just refreshes the next day as you recreate it all over again. Luckily, me being ill has forced her to do it three times solo so now I can actually take Mondays and Fridays off as had originally been planned… long ago…


It is nearly midnight. Ron and I are on our 8th episode of 24. We
watched episodes 1-4 a week ago and my guess is we are going to have to watch
another four episodes every night possible until we have watched the whole series
(recently released on DVD). This is great television. I am totally hooked and can’t
wait for the new season. Rent it!


Shit shit shit! I swear to God that if Blockbuster was open still, Ron and I would
renting the remaining 16 hours of 24. After squirming through nearly all of
episode 8…. I can’t sleep now! Ron said, “I hate you for making me watch this! Maybe
they’re still open and we can knock on the window and they’ll at least give us
the next DVD. I hate this – my hair is standing on end and I’m sweating.” This is
good TV. Brigitte is gonna be a basketcase and Heather would chew her nails
down to her wrists.


If you ever get the chance to listen to Freddie Mercury’s opera/pop cycle Bareclona you definitely should. It might be at your local library. The front man for Queen and sorprano mega-diva Montserrat Caballe crank through some triumphant and brilliant pieces. The title song is one of the few pieces of music that makes eyes tear up because it is simply so beautiful.

Living It Up In An Elevator

From: Brigitte
Subject: Linda Hamilton Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

It’s 7:45 on a Friday morning. I didn’t have to give Rick a ride to work so
I decided to be at the gym at 6:00. On Lakeshore Drive heading south,
coming out of the curve near the Drake, I dodged a three car accident which
was in the middle 2 lanes and managed to get to the garage at work right at
5:58. Perfect. Ran down the stairs and went to the elevators of the 448
Building and jumped into the open one. Hit Floor 10…Doors Close…and the
elevator begins rocking back and forth making terrible sounds. I press all
buttons and NOTHING. Worse than that, the alarm/intercom keeps breaking up
so I can’t hear the directions the security officer is telling me. Nor can
she understand which elevator I’m in. Cell phone doesn’t work. Finally,
the elevator stops but the doors don’t open. I can hear construction sounds
going on so I start banging on the doors. I try prying the doors open with
my fingers. NOTHING. 45 minutes have passed since I entered the elevator.
FINALLY, I hear someone yelling “Is anyone in there” so I start yelling.
The elevator doors open and I have almost made it to the 10th floor where
the gym is. I have to climb up onto the floor, Mr. Otis Elevator Man helps
me (not cute). Security asks me if I’m okay, which I am. I get to the gym
and realize I have 15 minutes left in my scheduled workout. I jump in the
pool and workout the frustration of my morning by doing 40 laps in 15

Next time, I’d just rather deal with a run in my pantyhose.

Going on safari

Holy shit – have you seen Videodrome by vaginophile David Cronenberg.
I’d always read about the movie and finaly rented it. James Woods plays a public
access porn purveyor who stumbles upon a TV signal that can cause people to
hallucinate. The imagery of the film is outrageous – from breathing televisions
to Woods with a vaginal sore on his stomach through which he pushes in a video
tape – there is lots of drippy oozy moist horrow. Now I want to rent Scanners,
Crash, The Brood
and Shivers! Crazier still is the trailer from the
DVD edition – that is very, very strange and features lots of imagery barely
connected with the film.

I also rented Death to Smoochy which I remember loving the concept of
from the trailers but it disappeared swiftly after a poor reception. Danny DeVito
brings out his unforgivingly mean-spirited sense of humour in a comedy where
Robin Williams and Ed Norton are battling children’s television mascots. Robin
Williams is unleashed in a great sadistic wonderful way we normally don’t get
to see – I replayed the clip of him screaming into a phone: “I’m goin’
on safari, motherfucker… SA-FA-RI! (elephant blast)” three times it made
me laugh so much. It’s a generaly good film and has some nice twists.

Work is a madhouse – I spend half of my days in meetings. Something about it
is thrilling though – we are all working as a team for once – about twenty different
people – some all over the country to get this roll-out of a 6 week training
to 2,000 in ten days. I feel like I get some sort of respect or input for once.
Though I remind myself I’m making 20% less per hour since I’m part-time now
and getting totally fucked on my hours.