High Speed Net Whew!

I think it is my upbringing to always be suspicious of things that appear too good to be true – or to at least be a little en garde (on guard?) when life seems to work out perfectly for long stretches of time. Such was when I started worrying that this wonderful new apartment I’d […]

Did anyone catch this week’s

Did anyone catch this week’s Crank Yankers? I’ve started watching the show lately after South Park. It’s getting funnier each episode. They have this puppet/character called Spoonie Luv that calls in a Village Voice personals ad. Wish I had the transcript – it was hysterical. He was looking for a lezady that wouldn’t mind gettin’ […]

Hell yeah!

From: Andy To: Karen, Brigitte, Heather Subject: I got the apartment! I’m moving to Wellington and Halsted! ROCK THE F_CK ON!

Thinkin’ of a Few Taboos

I know it makes me a bad person but I just cringe everytime I hear the Burger King commercial slogan: give in to your grown up tase. Mentally I cap a ‘T!’ on the end of it – it’s taste! not tase dammit!

That I Oughta Kill

Chew on this: Do you ever see a homeless asian-american? Ron mentioned this to me. And I’d have to say ‘no’. And I wonder why – he says that culturally (in very very broad terms) the cultures of East Asia (see – I took comparitive non-western cultures and know to say East Asian instead of […]

Like a Stage in Vaudeville

Had a great workout this morning. I always love Mondays because everything for the week seems so possible. I have been lifting really heavy lately and focusing on where I grow first, first: shoulders and triceps. Then everything else. I think the best physical attribute dad gave me was my shoulders. They are getting bigger […]

(From Vacation)

(6-21-02) The good thing about David Sedaris is he reminds me that I’m not nearly neurotic enough. I just finished his book Me Talk Pretty one Day- it is so nict o have the time to actually read an entire book in one day. We have settled into the beach house here on St. George […]