Quick quote from H. R. Giger (artist most famous for desiging Alien‘s alien): (from Wired article about his recent exhibition) “You get talent when you discover the ground of your pain.”

Dye, Eggs Dye!

I had a pack of rabid egg-dyeing enthusiasts at my house last night. I was surprised that they got as obsessive as they did – I was chided for not having real candles and two went to Walgreens to get real candles to drip no the eggs for more precision dyeing. Had about a dozen […]


I think this may be an exclusive: Jason Seitz is an actor with an excruciatingly bad online resume. Check out the advice section where he reminds all that: YOU ARE A STAR.


I just got a raise! 3.5%! Rock on! Rolling out the new templates over the text couple-a days… the side-bars are back! I did squats on Tuesday evening and I can barely get down a flight of stairs without looking like I’m doing some sort of dance. The pilot light in my oven has been […]

Atari E. T.

Realized I totally forgot to chronicle the night that dad, Heather and I got E. T. home. We had the Atari 2600 game that was such a failure that season that it later was dumped into landfills. But I think mom was just coming in the driveway with Moby Dick’s fish (we nearly always ate […]

Phoned Home

Happy to report that E.T. does indeed still get his sweet ass home. Brigitte and I went to see it last night and it remains triumphant film-making. I bet if the movie were made today that they wouldn’t let E.T. die – that pussy-marketers would consider that plot element too traumatic… the kids were rowdy […]


Hey friends… sitting here on a Friday afternoon. Have to help run a presentation in an hour or so and then have to stick around until 4:00 to help put away hardware from a meeting. Nothing much to report. I’m trying out a cyclical ketosis diet this week. Basically you eat no carbs for five […]

Vote Often.

Sitting on the train – I just went and voted in the primaries. I screwed it up. I’ve never voted in the primaries before so I didn’t understand choosing a partisanship – I thought that committed me to voting in the real elections later on. Once I figured it all out I decided on Democrat. […]

Mo’ Tears

I had my cry yesterday morning before I went to coach training. A brief facial contortion and flood of sadness overcame me. Stayed there for a bit and then cleaned up and went to Starbucks. The first day of my final weekend of coach training totally rocked. Great great stuff. This weekend is all about […]

Everything Changes (Again)

I’m constantly struck by the American need to say, ‘Everything’s changed.’ Hiroshima, 9-11, the concentration camps, OJ, Kenneth Starr, the elections, JFK’s RIP, MLK’s RIP (note to self – when involved in wolrd politics – do not use full birth name), Vietnam…. This urge happens also at the personal level: changing to a Catholic high […]